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“Twerking to be seen was not a part of King’s dream!” Tonight on Conversations Of A Sistah


Disturbing images of Dr. Martin Luther King turned up all over the internet by Michigan party promoters, advertising freedom to twerk parties in honor of the King Holiday weekend.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s head was photo shopped onto the body of a man (pictured above) wearing a gold chain and throwing up “west side” hand gestures to advertise a holiday party.

The flier, which was created by promoter group “Mid-Michigan Teen Parties“, billed the event as a chance to express one undeniable right that wasn’t apart of King’s agenda and that is, the “Freedom 2 Twerk.”

Other fliers were also circulating promoting a King Holiday party weekend by quoting excerpts from his famous “I have a dream” speech. “Free At Last” anyone 21 and over free until midnight”.

Dr. Martin Luther King was a champion for justice, equality, tolerance and non-violence and these images and gestures promoting such parties in honor of a holiday activist fought so hard to observe, are highly disrespectful!

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Stevie Wonder disses Beyonce and her hubby Rapper Jay Z


Stevie Wonder who contributed an intricate part in his champion efforts to implement Martin Luther King’s holiday as a national observance in the United States, said in a recent interview that “Jay Z and Beyoncé are not actively involved in the struggles of social change

The world-renowned artist sat down with TV One’s Roland Martin in a recent interview and said, he has a problem with the fact that Jay Z could be doing more to promote and implement social change through his platform and influence but he’s NOT!

Wonder who is also noted for his work as an activist on various political causes, said he “has a problem with Jay Z’s silence on several social issues and “when you have a problem with someone, you call them out on it” wonder concluded.

Stevie Wonder knows that Jay Z and his glorified studio singing wife Beyoncé are self-centered entertainers who are all for and into themselves. A narcissistic couple who are not into public service and being activist for a cause or even actively involved in any revolutions of justice.

People, who remain silent and never support a cause, don’t want you to know where they stand on such issues. But silence brings consent and when you have a platform and an opportunity to make a difference you should do so!

Kudos to Stevie Wonder for being man enough to SPEAK ON IT!!!

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Observing the Prince of Non-violence!

Yesterday was officially the birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Although the holiday will be observed next Monday January 20, 2014, people around the world acknowledged it accordingly. 

Fifty years later after Dr. King walked this earth and fought for equality and died for the passion of his beliefs, yet we still deal with and struggle for equality, voter rights, racism and equal opportunity. However we still look to his dream, knowing this is so far from reality.

Happy Birthday Dr. King! We get 10 steps ahead and they want to take us a thousand steps back.