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What in the Sam-Hell happened to Miley Cyrus?


The once innocent looking girl who quietly burst onto the scene in the entertainment industry, has turned her “squeaky clean” image into that of a full-blown slut girl.

Cyrus, who has twerked her way into the hearts of hoodrats everywhere, hit the stage last night at the VMA’s twerking, in a teeny, tiny vinyl bikini. Cyrus’s controversial booty poppin’ shocked veteran actor Will Smith who brought along his two children (below).

Miley Cyrus Shocks MTV VMAs

After the slutty performance, corny comedian Kevin Hart joked, “Miley better get a pregnancy test after all that twerkin’.”

It’s a sad day in society when these young entertainers believe that trashy behavior sells far beyond dignified talent and performance.

Thanks to loyal Ceo reader Ashanti for the story because I’d never think twice to entertain a Miley “messy” Cyrus post.  🙂