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Is it better to be Married or Single? Why? Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

We’re starting Black History Month off with love and relationships in our topics list of discussions and tonight’s Conversation…”Is it better to be Married -or- Single?

Obviously being single carries the least amount of emotional risk and stress and prevents the potential traumatic experiences a marriage can allow (like cheating, divorce, death of spouse). While being single allows you to not have to answer to another person’s happiness (to a realistic extent) at all. You can have more time to yourself.

But being single can also feel lonely at times and many older singles can find it hard to have friends, as many will be married and have families of their own (per some older singles).

Married life can give more security if both parties can cooperate. Money, socialization and the support of another person can sometimes allow you to be the best version of yourself. A good marriage builds you up especially if both partners support each others goal.

Join the “Conversation” at 6:30 p.m. EST as we address the question: “Do you think its better to be single or married?” “And why?” on Conversations Of A Sistah.

We hope to meet you on the air!!

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70 thoughts on “Is it better to be Married or Single? Why? Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah””

  1. I think some men wanna get married more than most women. Men these days be looking for that come up😅😅😅😅😅

    Gonna be a good conversation. 👆👆Besides I wanna hear Trace spin this one😅😅😅

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    1. Yes why? Because as I stated below.
      Some women wanna be married because they believe marriage can bring you happiness when it doesn’t. Only you can make you happy.


      1. Yet but this Valentine’s Day, let’s concentrate on the most important love story of all: The one you have with yourself, no matter your marital status!
        Wassup y’all?


  2. some people wanna be married because they see it as a status quo. some women like saying “that’s my husband” or “I got a husband” when all that glitters ain’t gold.

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    1. Some women wanna be married because they believe marriage can bring you happiness when it doesn’t.


  3. I never wanted to get married. Wasn’t sure if wanted children. I met my husband, we became friends. Then we realized there was more to this than friendship, so we began dating. I moved in a month later. Got married 1 year later. Had a baby the end of that year. Had a gap year and then another baby. 4 years later, I am still very much in love with my bestfriend. I would have never married him if he wasn’t the one. Nor would I have had children. I’m not afraid of being single. Never bothered me. But I know with him next to me I’ll never be alone because I chose to marry the right person.

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    1. Gabby I agree but unfortunately many, many women will insist on learning this the hard way.

      I almost married the wrong guy 15 years ago. Was fortunate we didn’t go through with it. Ever since I have strongly believed in taking relationships very slow and having a long dating period, long engagement, and really build the foundation of a marriage before entering one. I wasn’t willing to make the same mistake I almost made. Now, next year I will be getting married for the first time to the right man. We have been together since 2011, and will have been engaged a year and a half by the time our wedding arrives. He was sooo worth waiting for. So. So. So. So. Worth it.

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      1. I agree with taking it slow ladies. How my life went is NOT how majority of relationships should go at all. We went into our relationship with our eyes open. There was no true honeymoon phase as we had been platonic friends long enough to know we could get along long term.

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      2. I almost married the wrong guy 15 years ago. Was fortunate we didn’t go through with it.

        what happened? spill the tea 😆

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  4. I don’t understand how some people are willing to deal with anything just to say they’re in a relationship or married. Smh and miserable. I couldn’t do that.


  5. I wouldn’t say that taking things slow is the answer, I believe in paying attention to the red flags that are presented to you early on and later in the relationship, their are plenty of women who are with guys for 15yrs and get married to a complete asshole!!! Bottom line pay attention to the red flags and signs


  6. Married or single? which is better and why? Hm. That’s a good question but I guess it also depends on who you ask. Are you marrying for companionship? If so because you want companionship then marry….do you like your freedom? Then remain single. Two each its own.

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  7. Yea people jump into marriage all the time. Some work out, some don’t. So many things to factor into the decision. I think when/if you love somebody you’ll naturally want to marry them because you want to be together. If not and you love them then just be together. whatever floats ya boat.

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    1. Marriage is a huge step and you don’t wanna settle down with someone you’ll be miserable with. It’s not a good thing going home to a miserable spouse.



    No one hogging the bed, no one keeping me up, and no kids to barge in? Single life is my best life right now!!!! 🙂

    Oh but I’m here for the comments and convo LOL

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  9. Marriage is good for your health, but only if it’s a healthy marriage! Plus, single people may avoid some of the bad health habits that come from settling down.

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      1. This maybe true but if you’re single, you never have to wrestle for control of the remote 😆 or run every financial decision past someone else.


  10. Chile….Chile….these comments are giving me life😅😅😅y’all are a trip!!!! I’m single and loving it‼ I think if I was in love💞💞I would wanna be married.


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