The movie Acrimony – A Spirit of Bitterness & Rage


March 31, 2018 by The ReadyWriter

I saw Tyler Perry’s movie Acrimony and was blown away by the full plot of the movie. The psychological thriller just opened in theatres yesterday (Friday March 30), and has already grossed $7.6 million, including $1 million from Thursday night previews.

The movies plot is: Melinda Gayle, a faithful wife (Taraji P. Henson), is tired of standing by her lazy husband (Lyriq Bent) and gives up on him and files for divorce just before he strikes the business deal of a lifetime. One he had waited ten years before succeeding. His new found money and success changes everything for Melinda as her now ex-husband had moved on. She becomes enraged when she finds out that he is engaged to another woman, Melinda loses control of her life and all hell breaks loose.

I don’t want to reveal any spoilers but Taraji P. goes crazy in the end.

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The critics are harsh but I absolutely loved this film. Sad part about Melinda’s bitterness and rage is that, because of her husband’s past transgressions, she refused to trust and believe him at time he needed her too the most.

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16 thoughts on “The movie Acrimony – A Spirit of Bitterness & Rage

  1. Bobby says:

    I thought she was betrayed 🙄 No?


  2. daisydukes2010 says:

    After she divorced him he hooked up with the woman he cheated on her with years later. But he only hooked up with her after they divorced.


  3. It sounds really good for Tyler Perry


  4. JaDonnia B. says:

    I really want to see this movie. Taraji P.Henson is today’s ‘Meryl Streep[for lack of a better comparison] and she owns each role she assumes. Hopefully, after viewing this one, I will be able to say that Tyler Perry has done it again.

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  5. adrianepage says:

    The movie was good.
    It had me in tears😢too.

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  6. acquittap says:

    The movie did well but came in at @#2

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  7. billyboy695 says:

    why would any sane man take his woman to go watch a movie about an acrimonious vindictive partner.
    does Tyler ever portray any black man as good in any of his movies?

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  8. mahogany2010 says:

    The plot had a twist but she loved him. I hate to talk about the movie if half of my bloggers ain’t seen it.

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  9. abelford2010 says:

    Breaking News: Tyler Perry hates black women, always protraying them as angry! Hate who you want to be! How you doin Tyler?!


    • coco2011 says:

      Breaking news: we’re no angrier than any other woman in other nationalities who’ve been betrayed. Only there was one bitter black woman here who was betrayed once. And the 2nd time in her mind it took her over the top. I’m seeing a lot of assumptions being made about the movie. Smh😏

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  10. coco2011 says:

    Good movie
    Don’t judge by the trailer see it 4self

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  11. neesy20110 says:

    Not a stretch for Cookie at all. Same shyt, different day. And I heard it took 8 days to film?.. yeah ok


  12. ashanti2012 says:

    This movie looks straight to dvd, but I’ll still support him. I love the way Tyler give jobs & help out the less unfortunate.


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