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Beyonce is SO EXTRA!!!!

Debuting the first photo of her and JayZ’s new born twins, Remi and Sir Carter; like normal Beyonce style, the photo is extremely extra and over the top.

Standing in garden looking like a goddess, the studio singer couldn’t wait to post a picture for the media attention and shock she so desperately seek.

Adorned in a flowery frock, trying to look angelic; you wouldn’t even notice what she’s holding at first glance. But because these twins will be Beyonce’s new show piece like an added accessory, she broke twitter yesterday with up to 5 million views.

How sad she’s so over rated.


26 thoughts on “Beyonce is SO EXTRA!!!!”

  1. Congrats to the Carters! Jay-z has some strong genes, it’s good all his kids took after him (people easily make a difference in kids), they get his brains and hustle too, and with grandmas and aunties, they’ll get real reality checks, personal growth and development, not just celebrity branding and being kids of legendary superstars!


  2. I don’t understand what type of mother would take a photo like this. I can’t even see the babies. What I can see is a little of that Hov mouth area. I guess time will tell if they dodged a bullet and didn’t get that camel look. Unfortunately it got Blue but she may outgrow it yet. O_o


  3. So is the baby boys na me Sir Carter Carter??? I ask because she didn’t say Sir and Rumi Carter, nor did she say Sir Carter and Rumi Carter, so is Sir Carter his entire first name? O_o


  4. Beyonce is weird & desperate for attention. Why does she keep posing with funeral flowers? The photo is odd and doesn’t look natural at all. That belly button scares me, it looks like an illuminati eye! O_o


  5. This chick is weird as Hell, all those funeral arrangements and flowing material is just so unnatural and strange. Not to mention that stupid look on her face. I don’t get it!😕


  6. Her belly is photoshopped….the dark line us mommies get during and after pregnancy is NOT there. and she hiding them corns on her feet all to well. last, who this picture really about her or the babies?. you outchea with the babies all to the side clumped together and you in panties with your”flat” stomach? stop. *rolls eyes*


  7. Really doe… Like her babies where shoved in her arm’s at the very last minute… Why the baby leg all sticking out like that?😕😶


  8. Hey Beyonce, instead of trying to look like some kind of Demon from one of your videos, maybe you should have just looked lovingly at your twins, or better yet, you should have just kept this picture to yourself.

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  9. I wish she would have posted actual pictures of her body with all it’s imperfections. That would have been better than this. I don’t care who you are, your belly button and stomach is not gonna look like THAT a month after giving birth to TWINS without some help from a surgeon. So what did she do, have them babies and immediately start working out like a mad woman just so she can post this dumb a$$ picture to make everyone feel inferior to her. 😡


  10. Oh Please!!!!!
    This picture is all for her. It has nothing to do with them babies. You can barley see them. It’s “look at me and my perfect body. “I can have twins and then return to my perfect 10 body in less than 30 days……FOH Beyoncé


  11. you wouldn’t even notice what she’s holding at first glance. But because these twins will be Beyonce’s new show piece like an added accessory



  12. People don’t be as excited when their own relatives are born🙄…babies look like any other new born🤷🏽‍♀️


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