Medical Minute: Untreatable ‘Super Gonorrhea’ On the Rise

A new untreatable form of gonorrhea, called “super gonorrhea” is infecting people all over the world. This new strain is mainly spread by oral sex, and there is no treatment.

This new strain was developed after doctors misdiagnosed it for strep throat and began overprescribing antibiotics. Researchers say the bacteria has gotten smarter and adapted quickly to resist standard treatment.

The super strain of gonorrhea is resistant to all antibiotics, including the last line of defense — azthromycin (AZT) and ceftriaxone antibiotics.

Gonorrhea usually infects 78 million people per year. It commonly affects the genitals, rectum and throat.

Patients infected with gonorrhea usually have no symptoms. But if left untreated, gonorrhea can cause abdominal and genital pain and a smelly discharge from the genitals. Also common is fever, frequent urge to urinate, irregular menstruation, or sore throat and difficulty swallowing.

Gonorrhea is the 2nd most commonly spread STD in America. It can increase the risk of HIV infection and can be spread from mother to child during childbirth.

The NY Daily News reports that 3 new antibiotics are in the pipeline, but it is not known when those drugs will reach the market.

The standard cautions still apply: use condoms and gels, or practice abstinence if you are not married.

15 thoughts on “Medical Minute: Untreatable ‘Super Gonorrhea’ On the Rise”

  1. Mm that’s why it’s best to demand a full sexual health physical before engaging in sex. If No? Then the alternative is chronic sickness. O_o no thank u. I’ll keep my legs closed instead.


  2. I know this is a serious medical minute but what std caused ole girl in the picture head and scalp to look like that? 👀 (Keep me in prayer 🙏🏾 I’m trying not be distracted by such) 🙊

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  3. Practice abstinence if you are not married. REALLY ???? Married people are the main ones that need to get the test. What is long gone is the day when being married you were safe !!!!!!

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    1. Agreed.
      Being married i still get the swabs i need yearly. Love my husband never had no cheating issues but you just never know the perfect marriages usually may have hidden secrets.
      A girl I know who sells her poussay says her main clients are married men and fat loners

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      1. Years ago a gay, white, male friend shocked me when he told me that most of the men who propositioned him were married black men. I am no longer shocked.


      2. That is so true. I got my eyes opened when Essence had an article about that same issue how married women felt because they were married they didn’t have to worry about getting checked for STD that is for us single woman. One article bought me to tears where this couple had been married for over 50 years and mom was going blind. They took her to the doctor thinking it was old age. When they ran the tests mom’s was going blind because her husband gave her syphilis and by her not being tested and not treated in time it was too late. I bet a lot of women like myself read that article and stopped trying to be too spiritual and started to get real about their bodies and their health regardless if they were married or single. Getting tested is not about not loving your man it is about loving you.


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