Bill Cosby Paranoid as trial set to start


June 5, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

As the sexual assault trial is due to begin in the Cosby case, sources close to the comedian state, that he’s paranoid someone will try and harm him. Sources say Cosby refuses to stay at any of the hotels close to the courthouse for fear that someone will try and poison him or break into his hotel room and harm him. So Cosby will make the 300 mile trip back and forth to the courthouse from his Philadelphia home via his private plane.

The Cosby show actor is accused of sexually assaulting former University employee Andrea Constand. Constand alleges the 79-year-old drugged and molested her in 2004.

Mr Cosby says he is innocent and the encounter was consensual.

It is being seen as the biggest US celebrity trial since former American football player OJ Simpson’s murder trial in 1995.

Several of Mr Cosby’s co-stars from the 1984-1992 sitcom The Cosby Show are expected to attend the trial in Norristown outside Philadelphia, along with more than 100 journalists. Broadcasters and photographers are expected to camp outside for the circus, which is set to unfold.


26 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Paranoid as trial set to start

  1. cameo1 says:

    Hell i would be paranoid too if i was being set-up

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  2. kaylabrown2010 says:

    Cosby ain’t trusting nobody and i don’t blame him. The man feel as though the world’s out to get him.


  3. kaylabrown2010 says:



  4. aceman2010 says:

    Um I’d be paranoid too. I wouldn’t trust a cracka (no offense) nowhere. The hotel might poison his food. And he’s blind too 😏

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  5. aceman2010 says:

    Oh hell no!!!


  6. katman2011 says:

    Bill thinking they gon slip a mickey in his drink. Cuss thats the slick shit he did


  7. ceodawg says:

    Cosby is a smart man. He knows that the powers that be set him up and if they’re capable of ruining his career and his legacy then they’re capable of taking his life. #realtalk


  8. neesy20110 says:

    He has to be paranoid. He don’t know what or who exactly has it out for him. Over 40 plus women with the same accusations🙄can’t blame him


  9. tamala2010 says:

    Amazing. He’s admitted to drugging women, paying off women, and possibly sleeping with girls under 18 but people still refuse to believe that he is what he is. Black people have been so abused by whites in the criminal justice system and in general that we just can’t bring ourselves to believe that one of our childhood role models can do the things he’s admitted to. Based on his own words, I believe Bill Cosby is a rapist/molester. I don’t think he raped all of the women who have accused him but I think he raped many of them.

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  10. queenc2010 says:

    Like I said. I just find it hard to believe that a black man was a serial rapist for forty years. I know some folks who know some folks and Bill was open about what he wanted from women. He took care of a lot of women and their children… in return for you know what. I won’t go into detail but there were no shortage of women seeking his charity. In other words …he had a lot of side pieces. A woman scorned…or maybe a woman dumped…or maybe just some women jumped on the bandwagon. All I know is that he’s reputation was widespread. All these allegations and the prostitution has one lone witness who was already paid off…a witness that went to his home…and willingly took blue pills…didn’t report the molestation for a year…and had an out of court settlement. Seems awfully suspicious to me.

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  11. ashanti2012 says:

    This trial is such a waste of time. This is a case of she said, he said with no evidence or witnesses. I have no sympathy for grown women going to a married man’s house, taking pills from him, & getting drunk. Really, what did they expect next? I’m sure they all received cash from him, but I guess they need more. They need to leave this old man alone.


  12. billyboy695 says:

    This is a witchhunt on a POWERFUL BLACK MAN.

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  13. pointmen2010 says:

    They don’t want Bill to buy that network..Pay attention.

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    • ionnawynn says:

      Yup as soon as he started talking about buying the very network that he made rich, 1st they killed his son, now they’re going after his career and his legacy. Damn dhame.😳


      • daisydukes2010 says:

        All the same i still believe where there is smoke there is fire. They found his weakness and now using it against him. He may not have raped all those women but he abused his power somehow.


      • oliviajohnson2010 says:

        I agree Daisy.


  14. ionnawynn says:

    Good morning good people


  15. oliviajohnson2010 says:

    Ion know like keisha knight pullium said. She wanna know the truth because what she’s hearing in the media is not THE cosby she experienced. But maybe this man had a freaky side, hell Camille knows the truth.


  16. princessc697 says:

    It may be a witch hunt but i believe bill provided the broom


  17. Xmen says:

    The Cos is scared they tryna kill em


  18. Yvonne says:

    this bitch went to bill’s house 4x after he drugged her O_o 4 fucking times. and wtf happened to her? she look like a fucking man!!


  19. henriettagreen38 says:

    Did you all see the chick who accused him in court? What in the hell? She looks like a lesbian🙄when i saw her i was like😉 she looks butch. I don’t think she prefers the stick, she likes the lick😮

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