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Jordan Peele makes history as 1st black director to gross $100 million

Jordan Peele made movie history this weekend, becoming the first black writer-director to gross $100 million at the box office.

The Blumhouse Productions psychological thriller Get Out also became the movie house’s first $100 million movie.

Blumhouse made the film on a $4 million budget and a cast of unknowns, including a lead actor from across the pond.

Get Out‘s racial overtones helped push the movie over the $100 million threshold.

Movie houses are lining up to sign Peele to multimillion dollar contracts for his next film.

Peele, 38, made a name for himself as one half of the comedy duo Kay and Peele.

Peele and his wife Chelsea Peretti, 39, are expecting their first baby together.

30 thoughts on “Jordan Peele makes history as 1st black director to gross $100 million”

  1. Welp I’m legit happy for him because that movie about him and that lost Cat was trash….and I don’t find Peele and Key funny so…..good for him


      1. Y’all do know he’s biracial (mother’s white) so having a white wife isn’t unusual to him. With that said, it was a great movie, great accomplishment.


  2. That’s his wife? I like her and as for him………happy he is happy and got folks to see a movie with a message and it is doing well.


  3. The story he told in this movie was TRUTH. These peckerwoods outchere killing our ppl to use their organs and such. Nothing but the truth. GET OUT!!!


  4. what got me was when he asked “why black people?” and the blind guy responded “some people just want to be smarter, faster, stronger, and prettier. I just want the things you see through” smdh!


  5. They were using black ppl because they are genetically superior and there is not much done when they “missing”


  6. He’s Not the First.
    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $56,671,993 30.2%
    + Foreign: $131,061,209 69.8%
    = Worldwide: $187,733,202
    Maybe GET OUT is the first movie for Domestic $100Million, but there were other Black directed movies that passed the $100Mil point.
    Straight outta Compton made $200Mil worldwide and $161 Domestic and it was directed by a black man.


  7. lol And his white wife is going to spend all the money… so I can’t really celebrate this accomplishment and I won’t be going to see the movie. We need to give our money to black people who keep it in the community.


    1. I do agree with black people turning their money within their own community, creating more black wealth like LeBron or Denzel, and many others are doing! But, a white wife doesn’t make Peel or any man or woman who marries outside of their race, less black! Look at Byron Allen, one of my faves, he employs many blacks and gives back to the community!


  8. And there sits a snow bunny on his arm. Most Black men have become useless to the preservation of the Black race. Losers!


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