Tamron Hall left the ‘Today Show’ over Megyn Kelly


February 1, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

Tamaron HallTamron Hall was offered a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal to stay at the ‘Today’ show, but turned it down; since NBC axed her segment to make way for racist ex-Fox news anchorwoman, Megyn Kelly.

NBC thought the “multiple million” dollar contract would soften the blow and ease the insult blown to Hall but she said “fuck you” to NBC and kept it moving instead.

Hall’s relationship with NBC soured when the network canceled her top-rated morning show “Today’s Take,” which she co-hosted with Al Roker, to create a slot for Kelly. Staffers at NBC were already buzzing about Andy Lack’s decision to replace “Today’s” first black female anchor with Kelly.

Kelly will either take over Hall’s 9 a.m. slot or appear at 10 a.m. when she starts in September. I’m so glad I stopped watching today when they jerked Ann Curry.

21 thoughts on “Tamron Hall left the ‘Today Show’ over Megyn Kelly

  1. Bobby says:

    Tamryn is GOODT LOOKING! Wow!


  2. Natasha says:

    Me thinks it was just a business move. Roker is still a mainstay on the early Today show (the flagship). Hall is still a correspondent on the early Today show and also still has her own evening show on MSNBC plus the projects with Oprah’s OWN Network she’s working on. I think she’ll be aight.


  3. Daisy says:

    On the plus side Tamron is prettier and has a great personality along with her brains. This whole mess should make her star even brighter in the long run.


  4. Lilly says:

    If NBC think Megyn is going to boost their rating they got another thing coming. 😡


  5. 2Thick4you says:

    White privliage at its finest.. heres a women that came from fox news, telling lies in support of trump. Waits till after the election and then drops a book about how trump harassed her, and her family and said she was afraid for their lives. While telling the public he was a good man. Quits the job, gets paid millions only to go to another network and take a black womes job. Wow just wow. I cannot 😡


  6. Omar says:

    Tamron Hall began to think she was a star. She’s a middle-aged anchor who made it on her looks. Nothing about her stands out talentwise. I don’t like Megan and she’s the same age as Tamron but she made herself a commodity in a male dominated network-FOX.


  7. ManUp says:

    Uhmmm the prob with NBC anchors they were one sided… and they should have known better.. yeah NBC don’t need them no more…


  8. Slickrick says:

    I like Tamara Hall. She will do well wherever she goes.


  9. Coco says:

    Tamron is pretty & smart with a fun personality I’m sure she’ll bounce back.


  10. Bird says:

    Trump effect.


  11. RandomChick says:

    She’s everywhere and will bounce back. I adore her.


  12. Miss Ang says:

    Doesnt she have another show on the network? I thought she was just being taken off the one show with Al Roker


  13. Princess says:

    Love her. She will definitely be okay.


  14. Yvonne says:

    Love Tamron. But would it be mean if I said the picture of her in the white dress is the best I’ve seen of her? I think she’ll be fine, The ID show is still on.


  15. Nicole says:

    I’m sure she’ll be ok…a contractual agreement means she knew her time with NBC was eventually coming to an end.


  16. Applebottom says:

    I hate they are doing this to her but white supremacy is in full effect baby….and as the white heads roll black ppl holding high ranking positions within a company will be fired so they can give it to their chums like Megyn Kelly.


  17. Tamala says:

    Tamron Hall is a strikingly beautiful woman. That’s all I got.


  18. Adriane says:

    Tamron is going to be fine..she has the background, experience, respect and longevity to get something better. And I am sure she has stacked her chips, women tend to know when things are getting janky at work and start preparing.


  19. Aceman says:

    Fine ass Tamron Hall….


  20. Coco says:

    Tamron will land on her feet with her pretty self. I been done with MSNBC from how they did my other fave Melissa Harris-Perry.


  21. Kayla says:

    So I guess Matt is safe? She is very pretty, and she was bestie with Prince. Infact she sort of look like him in this pix.


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