Had Dinner At Café 2825 this weekend and the food was Fabulous!


December 7, 2015 by The ReadyWriter

Angel hair pasta w/shrimp

Angel hair pasta w/shrimp

I’m convinced; almost all great and authentic Italian chefs were born in Italy but migrated to Brooklyn.

Dinner this weekend at Café 2825 was out of this world!

It’s a very small quaint but cozy café located in the heart of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This fine eatery serves simple Italian-American cuisine in an upscale casual style location since arriving from Brooklyn in 1986. The service is/was impeccable from start to finish. The food was so authentic, you would swear somebody’s Italian grand-mama was in the kitchen churning her very own home-made sauces and slicing her very own pasta. Fresh mozzarella was being made right before our eyes and added a tasty touch to any dish.

The bread was delivered to our table hot and slighted dusted from the oven, with an olive oil dipping that put butter to shame. Our choice for an appetizer was stuffed calamari…one big roll of calamari stuffed with crabmeat and rings of calamari dancing around it. The menu said it was fried but the taste said something different.

Rated one of the top five (5) restaurants in Atlantic City, NJ the ambiance was warm, friendly and very inviting.

So if you’re ever in the Atlantic City area, make Café 2825 your choice for dining.


18 thoughts on “Had Dinner At Café 2825 this weekend and the food was Fabulous!

  1. acquittap says:

    A restaurant post FINALLY!!! LOL 🙂


  2. zennahohn2012 says:

    That food does look good. LML 😛

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  3. Bobby says:

    Tracy never says who she’s with?

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  4. cameo1 says:

    What Trace doin in AC? she gamble?


  5. coco2011 says:

    I’m gonna have to check this place out. The only restaurant I’ve really gone to is Kelsey and Kims in AC.


  6. Point says:

    So um………the Angel hair and shrimp was that her main dish? she doesn’t say.


  7. RandomChick says:

    Nice 🙂


  8. mittseybean says:

    Good to know. I’m going to see “Kenneth Edmonds aka Baby Face” on Friday. I’m def going here.


  9. omarnance2010 says:

    Bout damn time! Now we know where she be hanging.


  10. weeks2010 says:

    Mm. I like Italian food but it can be a bit too rich.


  11. gabby2010 says:

    Now I want Italian food 😛
    Ion know these are not the months to be traveling to AC. AC is pretty busy during summer months. Now I’m thinking not so much.


  12. rezzie2010 says:

    That plate look LIVE.


  13. xmen2010 says:

    Oh so now she wanna give us a food post? ain’t that a bish


  14. masongrump says:

    Yea you and who?


  15. shawnia says:

    Oh so now Tracy decide she wanna give us a food post. 🙂 looks good though.


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