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CEO/Founder of Newark, NJ’s FP YouthOutCry on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

13466297_524854701057279_9000895265262352470_nYou’re invited to join Conversations Of A Sistah Host Ms. Tracy L. Bell as she sits down with Mr. Al-Tariq Fp Youthoutcry Best CEO and Founder of FP YouthOutCry Foundation, a 501c3 organization who builds up youth, families and the communities within the City of Newark, NJ and surrounding areas.

The organization was founded in 2006 by Al-Tariq Fp Youthoutcry Best a native of Newark who grew up in Georgia King Village housing. FP YouthOutCry is one of the more progressive non-profit organizations in the city and has impacted the lives of more than 10,000 children and families with innovative programming and events. They believe you cannot solely help the youth without meeting the needs of their families.

The Foundation is celebrating their 10th Anniversary of Entertaining, Educating and Empowering Newark’s youth, families and communities.

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Good food

Had Dinner At Café 2825 this weekend and the food was Fabulous!

Angel hair pasta w/shrimp
Angel hair pasta w/shrimp

I’m convinced; almost all great and authentic Italian chefs were born in Italy but migrated to Brooklyn.

Dinner this weekend at Café 2825 was out of this world!

It’s a very small quaint but cozy café located in the heart of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This fine eatery serves simple Italian-American cuisine in an upscale casual style location since arriving from Brooklyn in 1986. The service is/was impeccable from start to finish. The food was so authentic, you would swear somebody’s Italian grand-mama was in the kitchen churning her very own home-made sauces and slicing her very own pasta. Fresh mozzarella was being made right before our eyes and added a tasty touch to any dish.

The bread was delivered to our table hot and slighted dusted from the oven, with an olive oil dipping that put butter to shame. Our choice for an appetizer was stuffed calamari…one big roll of calamari stuffed with crabmeat and rings of calamari dancing around it. The menu said it was fried but the taste said something different.

Rated one of the top five (5) restaurants in Atlantic City, NJ the ambiance was warm, friendly and very inviting.

So if you’re ever in the Atlantic City area, make Café 2825 your choice for dining.

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He’s back! Mayoral Candidate Mike Ramaglia, on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Mike Ramaglia For Mayor
Mike Ramaglia For Mayor

He dropped by the “Conversations Of A Sistah” studio on June 4, 2014 as we discussed, “People’s Passion For Politics

Mike Ramaglia returns to “Conversations Of A Sistah” this Wednesday to discuss the seat he intends to win as the Republican Mayoral candidate in his hometown of West Milford, New Jersey.

Ramaglia is young, talented, brilliant and qualified! He has been involved in various aspects of politics for the past 17 years. In 2007 he founded the Passaic County Young Republicans and in 2009 was elected Councilman. Mike has been instrumental in local campaigns within his borough since 2005. During his tenure he obtained a new police vehicle for the township in which he served.

Mr. Ramaglia has been extremely instrumental with implementing safety procedures while serving on several boards in his district such as; the Economic Development Committee and the Citizen Against Substance Abuse.

We here at “Conversations Of A Sistah” are in full support of “Ramaglia For Mayor


Join the conversation on “Conversations Of A SistahWednesday May 20, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. as we discuss Mike’s vision for West Milford and what inspired his candidacy.

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You’re invited to Join Me at My Book Signing Event ~ Friday August 22, 2014


This Friday launches the book signing and public release of my long awaited poetry book “These Things”…The Diary Of A Poet.

I will be signing copies of my book in “The Bergen Room” located at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Secaucus, NJ from 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM however doors will open at 6:00 PM.

There will be an “OPEN MIC” session of this event where guest will be encouraged to share their poetry and/or any other awesome God-given talents. If interested in participating, email us at

Entry fee is the cost of the book, $9.99… If you are a member of the Ceo Community and live in the NY-NJ tri-state area, hope to see you there!

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Allegations against NJ Governor Chris Christie mount!


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is knee-deep in allegations as his vindictive policies of politics continue to grow against him.

Added to the latest list of scandalous behavior is that the petty NJ Governor enacted political revenge after his administration shut down the DMV office in a large New Jersey city three years ago. Democratic politicians say it was because they opposed his tax policies and worked for his political opponent, John Corzine.

New Jersey state Assemblyman Joe Cryan told a media source, Chris Christie shut down the fourth-largest Motor Vehicle Commission office in Elizabeth, New Jersey as revenge.

‘He shut it down, plain and simple, and of course this was political,’ Cryan said. ‘This was complete retribution. … There was no other possible explanation for it.’

Cryan who was former Gov. John Corzine’s state Democratic chairman, when he ran for re-election in 2009 unsuccessfully against Christie concluded, “Closing the motor vehicle bureau in Elizabeth was a way for Christie to crush three political adversaries with a single stroke of his pen”.

Elizabeth’s longtime mayor, Chris Bollwage, got under Chris Christie’s skin soon after he took Corzine’s job, joining Cryan to publicly oppose what they called a ‘flawed’ plan to cap the rate of annual property tax increases in New Jersey. So to get back at the Elizabeth mayor, Christie closed down one of the busiest DMV offices in his city and now taxpayers in the region have to trek it to other cities to get their plates or licenses renewed, and politicians say the wait times have doubled.

Christie and his insiders are used to getting their way no matter what the consequence are to constituents and families, which is why his alleged innocence in this huge bridgegate scandal is hard to believe.

Looks like Christie’s prospects of a 2016 presidential run are dimmered each week as every political adversary he’s ever had, is coming out of the woodwork in record numbers.