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How do you deal with hurt? on the next “Conversations Of A Sistah”


We remember all too well the scene from “Waiting to Exhale” when Bernadine “Bernie” Harris (one of the 4 characters in the film), abandons her own career dreams and desire of having a catering business to raise a family, and support her husband, who leaves her for a white woman. She then vents her hurt and anger out on John (her husband) by burning his clothes and car and selling off all of his personal items for a $1.00.

This gave Angela Bassett’s character a sense of satisfaction. She felt partly vindicated and somewhat satisfied having burnt her cheating husband’s belongings to smithereens’. A clear indication that Bernadine was hurt and hurt feelings can prompt brooding or resentment and can sometimes lead to an even greater emotional distress.

These were some of her ways of dealing with the hurt and was the most talked about scene when the movie released in 1995.

But…how do you deal with hurt?

Join me ‘LIVE’ on the air Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via blog talk radio, as I delve into this topic.

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67 thoughts on “How do you deal with hurt? on the next “Conversations Of A Sistah””

  1. yup erbody deal with hurt differently. Lisa Left eye Lopez burnt dat kneegrows house down she was messing with O_o


  2. There are several levels of hurt and it’s not always an emotional hurt from the outcome of a relationship. Some people are hurt from loosing loved ones. 😥


      1. There are several levels of hurt and it’s not always an emotional hurt from the outcome of a relationship.


  3. I was always told as a child that no matter how painful it is, God never put us through anything we can’t handle. Can I get an AMEN?


  4. Feeling hurt is a reasonable response to a situation, but how you deal with it, is another thing altogether.


  5. “But…how do you deal with hurt?”
    All depends on how one gets hurt…whether it was physical or emotional. Physical and emotional is different yes but I think I’d take physical pain over emotional pain any day.


    1. Zee,
      It never feels good to be hurt emotionally or physically, but life goes on and the joy of it returns along with the diminished capacity for the old hurt as well.


  6. “But…how do you deal with hurt?”
    I cry, usually a lot, but I only allow myself to be like that for a certain period of time ( how long depends on how badly I was hurt) then I pull myself up and start to get on with things. I can’t mope about anything for too long.


  7. Well… it would first start to help with figuring out what is causing you the hurt… depending on what it is or WHO it is… that is how you would deal with it. Then let go if ya have too.


    1. I was hurt once…many, many moons ago
      Don’t even try it. Because it is unrealistic to live a hurt free life. O_o


  8. “Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for”. – Bob Marley

    Have a blessed day.


  9. The hazard of life generally though is also the distinct possibility of getting hurt in some way. Here, I am not referring to something as unsubtle as a black eye, but to the more insidious pain of inner hurt, and that crushing feeling of inward offence is the deepest.


  10. OohWho!!!
    we’ve all been hurt True….and the last time I was hurt I didn’t think I was gonna recover.


      1. Well No O_o it’s just that tonights conversation is about HURT and we’ve all been there b4……………2 minutes till show time.


  11. Tracy made some good points in tonight’s commentary.
    “Hurt is to wound the feelings of… to cause mental pain to… or offend in honor of one’s self-respect.” <<<<<—- Best line of the night!


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