Michael Jordan Asks Magic Johnson For Advice On Dealing With Lesbian Daughter


September 19, 2013 by The ReadyWriter

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson

Michael Jordan is having a hard time dealing with the fact that his only daughter, Jasmine Jordan, might be a lesbian.

According to The National Enquirer, Jordan asked Earvin “Magic” Johnson for advice after Jasmine revealed what side of the closet door she stood on in a series of posts on

Magic reportedly advised Jordan to “just love her and to let her know that she owes it to herself to be 100 percent genuine and to live her life to the fullest.”

Both sports legends have children who are homosexual. Magic’s cross dressing son, EJ Johnson, came screaming out of the closet earlier this year.

Jordan is reportedly impressed with Magic’s handling of the personal crisis that hit his family when EJ hit the streets wearing spandex and boa feathers.


73 thoughts on “Michael Jordan Asks Magic Johnson For Advice On Dealing With Lesbian Daughter

  1. BBallen says:

    Well Mike you didn’t really present the wholesome of a hetero marriage to your daughter so… 😡
    And love your kid no matter what. But maybe shorty was the victim of a lesbo target aka “A turn out”


  2. Harlem says:

    One has a gay son and the other a lesbian daughter. Gays and Lesbians are not the same or Am I wrong?
    Just love them close or from a distance.


  3. Cameo says:

    aint college the place were some folks experiment. instagram just magnifying it. maybe that gf really is a lesbo, and is taking advantage of MJ’s daughter because of her being vulnerable, and who her pops is


  4. Olivijah says:

    *giggles in hand* When will parents learn.


  5. Tamala says:

    I would be devastated too but i’m sure his antics didn’t help at all.


  6. Shawnia says:

    Just show them love and affection. the same way you would any other child. It may not be what you want but if they are happy and healty so be it.


  7. 2Thick4U says:

    Trace Ion trust shyt The National Enquirer post


    • Joanne says:

      Trace Ion trust shyt The National Enquirer post
      I give the National Enquirer a lot more credit since they were the ones who broke the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter cheating scandal….


  8. Felicia says:

    Morning Ceo’ers!

    Can’t stop thinking about that caller on last nights show!! 😥


  9. Browngirl says:

    why would a parent be devastated about what kind of sex their child has?
    as long as its safe and consensual who would even be concerned with that?


  10. Gia says:

    Shoulda never let her play basketball.


  11. CorporateBitch says:

    My momma told me if I were a lesbian she would be hurt and didn’t know if she would be able to accept it. My father I know for FACT wouldn’t accept it either. Parents are humans too.

    Thank Gawd I love dyck 😆


  12. SueWee says:

    Would break my heart for my son to be gay. Not saying I wouldn’t love him.


  13. Gabriella says:

    I would be devastated to some point. I want grandchildren from all my babies, I think.


  14. ManUp says:

    She’s female and college age. This is pretty much to be expected.

    I mean, if Antoine can change…anyone can


  15. Pamela says:

    Sadly alot of caribbean parents are not forgiving when it comes to their children sexuality. Maybe it is because they have no control over it. If there child is a thief, they would just not leave valuables around him or her but if they are gay/ lesbian what can they do but not allow them in their home, nothing to take away from them but your attention/ love/ support.


  16. Adriane says:

    Ahhh I know if my siblings were to come out as Gay I would be sad for a lil bit cuz the life they would be subjected to is the life that would be harder than the one they already have (BEING NEGRO). That’s just my take on it though.


  17. Nicole says:

    It’s more about the worry about society than what they actually do imo. At least from my standpoint.


  18. Sane says:

    Any straight man that says he wouldnt be disappointed to have a gay son or daughter is a lie and dont believe shit else they say.


  19. Wanda says:

    Magic got his own lesbun daughter DerekEJ to worry about! Mike and Nita best do what they can on their own. Shyt


  20. Yvonne says:

    1-being gay doesnt stop your reproductive organs from working. they can have kids if they want to.
    2-magic and mj both have other children who are straight. one monkey dont stop no show. most of us have a gay aunt or uncle and it dam sure didnt stop us from having a gang of cousins
    3-not all straight ppl will have, want to have or can have children.
    devastation is a pretty strong emotion that i would reserve for things more serious that what kind of sex my kids have. like for instance, my house burning down…..but thats just me. i dont see the offense in homosexuality. what makes it soooo bad? 😡


  21. CoCo says:

    Homosexuality is not accepted in my family. Point Blank. Period.
    I don’t have a gay or lesbian Aunt or Uncle… and honestly speaking, I don’t know a gay or lesbian person in my family. A handful chicas will engage in sexual activities but to say gay… will not happen in my family… at least not while we have the traditions we do.


    • RandomChick says:

      I CoSign!
      My family are true traditionalist with values at times that are hard to meet.
      Many different religions but they all can fight about things but they will agree that homosexuality is wrong.


  22. Anthony says:

    We aint goin say nothin bout them shorts Magic
    got on???


  23. Acquitta says:

    all the girl bball players in high school were playing for both teams. some still are, some have chose 1 side. live young, live free


  24. Mahogany says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm…… your kid is gay, my kids is gay. What to do? Shut up sat down somewhere!!! Love them and let EJ wear his Chanel bags…


  25. Ashanti says:

    Homosexuality is a choosing game to me. Some choose for them selves and others the choice are made for them until they can choose for themselves. Fucked up but true.


    • Starr says:

      Homosexuality is a choosing game to me. Some choose for them selves and others the choice are made for them until they can choose for themselves. Fucked up but true.
      Nobody CHOOSES to be gay. They may CHOOSE to have a gay sexual encounter, but nobody CHOOSES to have romantic feelings for the same sex. That’s like saying people CHOOSE to be bipolar or have dementia. The brain does what the brain does.


  26. BillyBoy says:

    EJ Antoinette is bringing all the gays out the closet. When he busted out the closet with his one lean industrial strength studded booties it was 😆 a bat signal to all the athletes kids to come out. I expect Larry Bird, Karl Malone and Charles Barkley’s to come out next. If they have kids 😆


  27. Jamilla says:

    I guess too many expectations… commonly a human fault.


  28. Gabriella says:

    I see that some people do want to experiment with the opposite sex but I don’t think that gay is a choice. When you think about the scrutiny and pain that some people have to endure I can’t see them doing it if that wasn’t who they truly were.


  29. Annonymous says:

    Dayum! Not again 😡


  30. AppleBottom says:

    I agree with Magic’s advice to Michael,”just love her.” that’s,what I do with gay relatives and other people I know that are gay. I love them and pray for them.


  31. AlScream says:

    I betu her mother Juanita new about her choices in life; Michael was to busy chasing White women!


  32. Civil says:

    I strongly believe most ppl that are calling themselves gay are just keeping up with being trendy. Just like gangsta wearing skinny pants now


  33. Natasha says:

    The government is forcing this wrongful lifestyle on us and I will not fall into their “master plan” no mam


  34. Ebonyeyes says:

    I’m seeing all around me imbalance and when the planet is imbalance there will be catastrophic events. Men are becoming women and women are becoming men. I see so many hard core manly women all over the place and feminem men it don’t make no sense and people call me conspiracy theorist, no I’m truthist and yes a lot of shyt out here got folks hormones fucked up. There is agenda for population control and it’s working.


  35. Rezzie says:

    Both men shamed their families so their kids will suffer. Generational curses are REAL. Watch what you do folks ..


  36. Katman says:

    Trust…..Magic is crying on the inside…


  37. Yasha says:

    Homosexuals are the only ones who announce to the world their sexual preference, bringing the world into their private lives.
    Straight ppl don’t hold press conferences and announce that they’re heterosexual!


  38. Lilly says:

    The craziest thing about gay people is that despite calling themselves gay they still enter into relationships where there are clearly male and female roles being played. Why not just get a real man instead of getting a bulldagger? Why not get a really feminine woman instead of a flamming queen? The things I’ll never understand.


  39. Omar says:

    And while we’re on this topic: I hate the Civil Rights comparisons. I never saw a pic of a ‘gays only’ water fountain, bathroom, or restaurant. If you fear that an employer won’t hire you because you’re gay you can fake the funk during the interview … not so much if you’re black. I respect your struggle…but COME ON.


  40. Daisy says:

    Why can’t he just talk to his daughter? sheesh


  41. Angelhair says:

    How bout loving her?


  42. Rezzie says:

    No matter how prevalent homosexuality becomes, if you believe in God and the Bible, its wrong, period. If you go to church and are an active homosexual, according to the Bible, you are wrong.Period. Its not a judgement, its what the Bible states.


  43. Floridagirl says:

    Wow!!! These men’s children are the blemishes to their accomplishment’s. Wtf.


  44. Henrietta says:

    So Michael Jordan is upset his daughter is gay, merely because he won’t be able to walk her down the aisle in a wedding??? smh


  45. Lisa says:

    MJ better be glad his daughter likes fish patties and not walking into a a crowd of people and just shooting em up. Be grateful your child isn’t embarrassing you like that. There’s a lot worse things your kid can be doing than coming out gay…


  46. QueenC says:

    Isn’t this the reason so many stay in the closet for being concerned about what society, the church, the family will think the very reason so many people are in the closet to begin with? The pressure to live for others is what has kept so many men on the DL in that same closet


  47. Starr says:

    as long as its safe and as long as its consensual….do you, boo. just pay your bills on time, be an active and informed voter, become educated and gainfully employed and dont put me in no nursing home and let them folks beat on me.


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