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Toni Braxton was ASS out at NJ Concert!


Toni Braxton skirt/dress assemble fell apart at the buttocks as she performed on stage in New Brunswick over the weekend. Toni kept singing as if her ass was never out. I’m sure she felt the breeze as her dress gave way.

Eventually a gentleman from the audience lent her his jacket.

View the video below



56 thoughts on “Toni Braxton was ASS out at NJ Concert!”

  1. She’s clearly wearing a nude undergarment with glitter, maybe glitter spanx. Reminds me of Serena Williams nude shorts effect.


  2. If y’all can’t stand Toni with this modest dress then you definitely would never have appreciated the late Great Josephine Baker..she performed topless.


  3. What I wanna know is why, with all the people on the stage and behind her, didn’t somebody notify her quicker that her ass crack was doing all that hang time???? SMH


  4. Some artists have a way of being sexy, sultry or seductive without looking skanky (a young Tina Turner comes to mind). Toni has not yet mastered that art IMO.


  5. But nobody should be surprised at seeing her ass because this is nothing new. We’ve seen it (and more) before and this is how she’s known to carry herself while performing — scantily clad. She catering to her audience. After all, you didn’t see her invite a bunch of women on that stage with her now did you?


  6. Her talent is undeniable and I really don’t think she needs to dress this way to sell tickets. But clearly it’s who she is and what she likes to do.


  7. Toni trying to act like she didn’t feel that draft going up her ass
    I guess she will be singing backup for Tamar eventually


    1. Thank God for spanx!!
      @Tamala, I love Toni.. Tamar is and will always be Toni’s obnoxious little sister.. im not hating, she does entertain me with her antics but she’s no Toni.


  8. I wish she would just leave those wigs alone. She looks so much better with short hair. Her first and second albums were her best.


    1. Toni DOES look better with the pixie cut, but she can’t rock that cut with thinning hair and patches missing due to her condition of lupus.

      I have a niece that has lupus and it is no joke. She’s only 18, and she has to wear wigs at times.


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