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Philadelphia Woman Mad Eagles Lost, Attacks Girlfriend, Puts Dog in Microwave

A Philadelphia Eagles fan was so enraged after her favorite team lost a NFL playoff game, that police say she attacked her girlfriend and tried to microwave the girlfriend’s puppy, a white Pomeranian.

Kirsten Gaskins, 31, and her girlfriend were staying at a hotel in Hanover Township on Sunday, according to PEOPLE. Gaskins began yelling at the TV while watching the Eagles face elimination against the New Orleans Saints in a playoff game.

Gaskins lost her cool when the defending champion Eagles lost to the Saints 20-14.

Police say Gaskins had a physical confrontation with her girlfriend, a Saints fan. The two women began tussling and pushing each other before Gaskins forced her to the floor, punching her several times in the face.

During the scuffle, her girlfriend’s white Pomeranian tried to defend his master. When the girlfriend broke away and ran for the door, Gaskins threatened to microwave the pooch.

Police were called to the hotel, where they found the girlfriend with visible injuries to her face and neck. Gaskins also suffered injuries to her face.

Police rescued the unharmed Pomeranian from the microwave oven, which wasn’t turned on.

Gaskins was charged with simple assault, harassment, cruelty to animals and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was later released on $20,000 bond, according to PEOPLE.