Blackout, Movement

BlackOut Friday starts…September 12, 2014!



The results weren’t on CNN or Fox News however, there were reports nationwide showing that #BlackOutMonday was a huge success!

I read some of your comments here on the Ceo’s blog from my last post regarding Blackout Monday, where some of you thought and even believed, these efforts would be of no avail. Well, I’m excited to report that SOME OF YOU WERE WRONG!

Due to the huge success and momentum from this movement, tens of thousands are gearing up to continue the BLACKOUT EACH AND EVERY FRIDAY. This means you can/should ONLY SUPPORT AND BUY from black-owned businesses each Friday, beginning this Friday September 12th! I will admit this will be a huge challenge for me especially since, I eat out almost every Friday at diversified restaurants of our choice.

The expansion of this movement began three weeks ago, as a result of a grass roots effort that continues to gain steam exponentially, since the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9. The Twitter hashtag #eachandeveryfriday is being used to promote the ongoing event in an attempt to galvanize African-Americans to redirect their money with the hope of making things better for their communities.

Keep it going #EachandEveryFriday! Change is destined to come.