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Dwayne Wade has failed as a father!

Dwyane Wade (right) and Siohvaughn Funches during 2006 ESPY Awards – Arrivals at Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA, United States. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

A child is not fit to make a determination about their sexuality.

If Siovaugn’s son had become a “girl” in her custody, Dwade and Gabriel would have dragged her into every court calling her crazy and unfit but because it happened under their watch it’s cute and trendy and a gay pride and rights cause and calling now they’re calling in celebrity gays to consult them. Really? I think it’s a disgrace and I see straight through the agenda!!

When Dwade and Gabriel Union ripped the boys from their mother, The judge ordered those boys traumatized with no contact with their mother for 30 days to sever the mother child bond and it’s been reported they cried for their mother and Dwade and Gabby co signed that traumatic break. One son, the younger one, did not recover from the trauma. Dwade failed him as a father by spiting his mother at the expense of the son’s well being. Gabriel Union is EVIL and capitalizing on a child’s pain and now on a child’s confusion.

Dwade Wade and Gabriel Union are unfit and destroyed that child’s masculinity, sense of self, and self image. They socialized him to win favor with Hollywood’s gay agenda. Proof is this kid is not living a private confused gay child life but they are parading him around and putting his struggle on blast for their own narcissism.

My heart BREAKS for Dr. Siovaighn Funches, the boys real and biological mother.


34 thoughts on “Dwayne Wade has failed as a father!”

  1. I knew she had no say in this. Knew it. Watch the crazies try to cancel her, just watch. Once that boy starts taking hormones, it’s over, he will be neutered.


      1. I thinks its repulsive to celebrate a young child’s sexuality. Let them be kids and stop sexualizing these baby’s.


  2. They should have put Zion in therapy. Honestly, these parents take the word of their kid….they should take them straight to therapy. If not therapy, send him to Africa for the summer.

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  3. Look! America has never been for any race but white…truthfully the only way to eliminate the black race is to aim
    At our men…rather its lockin them up or killin them or cagin them in poverty to kill each other.. or be subjected to homosexuality through sexual abuse within their own or in prison..from them bein drugged up from the crack era of there environment to joinin gangs for false love to bein too thugged up to care about anything that matters other then money clothes & hoes or so much self hate gifted from society as a reward from slavery to not desiring their own women so that they dont desire to pro create Or marry their own. The hate & anger still exist from centuries ago..many blk men get emasculated early. Theres always been an agenda to destroy the black race. Unfortunately many have fallen for the bulshit and accepted it as is.

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    1. Society keeps coming after Black Men. Then that whole unspoken white agenda of trying to make the black woman seem unattractive. Thats b.s. because white men go bonkers over black women. They always have. Reference Strom Thurman and Thomas Jefferson.


    1. People were smarter and more protective of their families back then. Now these dummies litre the media and government raise their kids because they don’t wanna be bothered with the hard stuff like instilling good self esteem, morals, work ethic, self respect, respect for others, dignity, etc. Its too hard.


  4. So if Little Zaya doesn’t quickly have his penis restructured into an open wound make shift vagina. He will be taken advantage of by some older boy looking for a come up. Dwayne Wade your son is going to be penetrated by older boys/men before he’s 18 smh this is a abuse IMO if he’s been to pride events then he’s already seen an erect penis in person. They are going to hell for this!


  5. He is a child making grown up decisions. They should have him in counseling and he should wait until he is an adult before making any drastic changes. Everybody know that as you grow you evolve and he will not think the same at 21 as he did at 13.


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