Govt Shutdown

When Making a “Boss Move” be sure your spelling is Correct!! Trump Cancels Pelosi’s Trip at last minute.

President Trump waited until Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other high ranking Democrats boarded a bus to the airport to inform them that their 7-day excursion to Europe, Africa and the Middle East was cancelled.

Pelosi and about two dozen lawmakers sat fuming on an Air Force bus while aides frantically called the Pentagon and White House to confirm their trip had really been canceled.

Witnesses say the bus circled the Capitol building several times before it finally pulled up to the Capitol and let the passengers off. Military officers carried Pelosi’s baggage back inside the Capitol building and left them on a cart in the hallway outside her office.

The spat between Trump and Pelosi began when she tried to cancel his State of the Union Address on Thursday. She claimed the President couldn’t speak to the nation because there weren’t enough Secret Service agents during the shutdown. But the Secret Service disputed her claim.

In a letter to Pelosi on Thursday, Trump canceled Pelosi’s publicly unannounced trip, saying 800,000 workers were not being paid, so she needed to stay home to negotiate the funding of the border wall to end the shutdown.

Petty Trump told Pelosi she could still fly to Europe – on a commercial airliner if she insist.

While I agree with what the President addressed in his letter, the fact that such a letter was issued and then made public with a misspelling is unprofessional. It also speaks to the level of individuals he has working in his administration.

This is President Trump’s shutdown because Pelosi is not going to fund a 5 billion dollar wall on the U.S. tax payers dime. Furthermore Trump need to check his facts, immigrants and drug smugglers are crossing the border into the U.S. not by a border wall.

13 thoughts on “When Making a “Boss Move” be sure your spelling is Correct!! Trump Cancels Pelosi’s Trip at last minute.”

  1. I’m so tired of this circus of a government, but on the other hand the full gamut of President Trump’s political ineptness needs to be shown to those who are open to reevaluating their support of him.

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    1. The Democrats will not impeach Trump because he cancelled Pelosi’s trip. They’re going to do it because he’s a criminal. A Russia-colluding, money-laundering, justice-obstructing, tax-evading liar and criminal!!!


    2. Impeachment in the House is easy. The Democrats could do that today if they wanted. But removal takes 60 votes in the Senate, which would require a bunch of Republicans to get on board for that. It makes sense to wait for Mueller’s report so they can build the strongest case, not just for impeachment, but to convince enough Republican senators to vote for removal.


  2. They should make a rule that Congressmen and Senators don’t get a paycheck when the government is shut down. I bet you the shutdown would end real quick if they did that.
    Why should they get a paycheck when other govt workers are having trouble paying the rent and buying groceries?


      1. I wish the Dems would Stop bluffing and talking about it..JUST DO IT ALREADY..he’s proved over and over again that he’s unfit….


  3. I believe Trump wants OUT!

    He shut down the government for a wall, not for increased military spending or anything plausible!

    I think he has made an agreement with his wife to get them out of there, the way they’re always holding hands.

    Things could really go south for him and his family! 45 doesn’t want to leave in handcuffs or his sons! I never believed before he would be impeached, but his current antics should do it!

    He’s not sure what Mueller will come with or the [powers that be] may exact upon him!


  4. The Republicans think that the shutdown is effecting the democratic majority! But they are DEAD wrong! Folks are going to remember this 💩 in November! What true AMERICAN leader put the whole damn country at risk for their ego! Shameful….that’s all I got! Just plain shameful 😔

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  5. The most illiterate president ever and that is put it likely. He actually think this a joke to put innocent people in this type of predicament. 😡


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