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Kim Burrell’s radio show canceled after homophobic sermon

burrell_kimKim Burrell’s disgrace tour made another stop today and this time her radio show suffered the consequences.

The gospel singer has now lost her radio show, called “Bridging the Gap,” at Texas Southern University, according to the local ABC affiliate.

Burrell debuted the show in June, announced as “a mix of encouragement of entertainment” that would “feature her unique take on music, life and society.”

Her canceled radio show is the latest hit for the 44-year-old gospel singer after a sermon at the Love & Liberty Fellowship Church in Houston in which she decried the perverted homosexual spirit.”

Burrell was uninvited from Thursday’s episode of “The Ellen Show,” when she was supposed to perform a duet with Pharrell from the “Hidden Figures” soundtrack.

42 thoughts on “Kim Burrell’s radio show canceled after homophobic sermon”

  1. I support this woman. She has the right to believe and say what she wants. This is why people can’t get behind the gay movement. They act like everyone has to agree with their lifestyle which is unnatural.


  2. Folks need to realize we all have our beliefs social media is a messy mess. Does everything thought need to be said in regular life no but they are preachers and doing what they believe.


  3. she’s a christian she preach and teach from the bible the only thing i didn’t agree with was calling out the pastor name


      1. That woman is NOT GAY!!! And y’all need to STOP TRYING TO SAY SHE IS!!
        She said what she said and it’s true.
        Folk mad cause they can’t handle the truth!!


      2. Starr,
        When people are overly offended by gay people I always think this. Especially when they are so descriptive about what they do sexually.


      3. Starr,
        When people are overly offended by gay people I always think this. Especially when they are so descriptive about what they do sexually.
        Because it’s DAMN NASTY!!!!! that’s why their so descriptive about it. It’s PERVERTION!!!


      4. Yeah it took me three times to get what she was saying when she said shake your face in another woman’s breasts😳😳😳. Now penis in the face is pretty common but that right there is not the first thing that comes to a normal person’s mind. She coulda kept with the theme and said 😽😽😽 in the face. But she talking about some “motorboating.” That’s very descriptive IMO


  4. I always imagined lesbians doing more than just shaking their faces in each other’s breasts. I don’t see how that is a sexually compelling act.

    Now the penis in the face is another story. I’m quite familiar with how that works…
    I think ole Kim needs to brush up on her gay sexual imagery. Meantime, if she’s worried she’ll be approached by a wanton lesbian, I think she’s safe: there’s probably not a bulldagger in America that would lay up with that.


    1. Agreed!
      And the church people should be mad at her too for that retarded ass apology video she made, basically lying about what she said in her sermon. If you preach that gay are going to hell to your church, stand behind your word! Don’t preach one thing on Sunday and then deny it on Monday! She is what they call an opportunist. She’ll say whatever the people in the room want to hear at that given moment and flip it in the next moment to make a dime.


  5. I guess she didn’t know gays and Jews run the entertainment business. Her career is pretty much over with at this point.


  6. I think it’s HOW she said it. Very angry, condescending, and not very compassionate, christian-like. How are you going to convert ‘sinners’ with that tone? Mind boggling. You can stand in your beliefs good or bad…but know there will be consequences.


    1. Actually, she showed her weakness for that industry check. -didn’t you see her recent vid of her crying and apologizing to no end saying how sorry she was?


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