God Has Healed Bishop Eddie Long (It’s a Miracle)


October 24, 2016 by The ReadyWriter

bishop-eddie-long-550x307Bishop Eddie Long is back from the brink of death. Rumor had it that Long was suffering from an aggressive form of cancer of the small intestine.

Speculation ran rampant after Long, 63, published a Facebook video attempting to explain his sudden weight loss. Rumor mongers even said he flew to the jungles of Colombia to seek a miracle cure. Well now he’s back, and he’s looking better and healthier than ever.

In a new YouTube video, Long shared his blessings with his congregation at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

I had some health issues and God has healed me,” he said, as his congregation cheered wildly.

As his wife, Vanessa Griffin, stood by his side, Long called for pain sufferers to “jump in the aisle”.

I declare pain can not bombard the temple of the Holy Ghost,” he said.

The father-of-4 called for pain sufferers to meet him at the altar.

Many in the audience stepped forward as the Lord used Eddie Long as a healing vessel.

Watch the video below.


62 thoughts on “God Has Healed Bishop Eddie Long (It’s a Miracle)

  1. Yasha says:

    He still look weak to me.


  2. Acquitta says:

    His hands are huge he look scary O_o


  3. Yvonne says:

    Lucifer and the Luminaddi ain’t done with him just yet. so they gave him a contract extension to gather them up some more souls


  4. Coco says:

    He doesn’t look as gay as before, for some odd reason


  5. Mahogany says:

    As his wife, Vanessa Griffin, stood by his side
    That woman ain’t gone leave that empire. I don’t follow Bishop Long… Never listened to any of his sermons… All I know is that he is an “alleged” sexual manipulator.


    • Adriane says:

      Yall know she got a secret calendar and has the insurance company on speed dial. She marks an “X” everyday and when it gets to the end of that month she says DAYUM, DAYUM, DAYUM. She knows them hens was lined up to give him some fresh apple pies, fried chicken and collard greens to be First Lady had she left. She was like hell to the naw. Imma ride this thing out to the end. I wonder how many pain suffers dropped some money in the bucket.


  6. Randomchick says:

    Eddie up there looking like a black Uncle Fester just in time for Halloween.


  7. bobby says:

    Afternoon y’all


  8. Tamala says:

    His wife’s poor face though. The devil sure knows how to get a flock to follow him to hell doesn’t he?


  9. Natasha says:

    Them folk been duped, and they staying around to save face. Now he has a new shtick (healing/miracles) and this “healing” is proof that God has forgiven him for his transgressions. So his flock can now feel better about their decision, to continue to worship under this wolf in sheeps clothing.


    • PookieNem says:

      Bernice King didn’t stay around.
      As soon as the story broke about Passa Long laying hands on those young men, Bernice exited stage left with her dykish looking a$$!!


      • Browngirl says:

        her name alone, wont allow her to be associated with such foolishness. not to say she doesn’t have any dirt on her or skeletons in her closet. she prolly maybe smart enough to only deal with trustworthy, of age people.


  10. Rezzie says:

    Glad he’s healed.


  11. Miss Ang says:

    He still look sick if you ask me..


  12. Starr says:

    look at his cheek bones


  13. Alscream says:

    THIS!!!! Vanessa is one sad broad tho. What example is she setting for HER very own daughter smh. All for money? FOH


  14. Olivijah says:

    For those of you that know energies … Why on earth do folks think this sickly man can heal anybody … When you are sick yourself you can’t heal others … Matter fact ain’t no way would I sit in a sespool like this…. This man is still lying… Folks quit drinking the kool-aid… This man can never lead you anywhere but in a damn circle of lower vibrations… The shyt I see some folks say and got the nerve to put God behind it… Smh


    • Yvonne says:

      He’s handing out that “fire”.


      • Olivijah says:

        Definitely unhealthy negative energies and they all sitting there infecting each other… Folks go to church to heal right … Spiritual healing supposedly… Chile.. Why on earth do anyone think they can heal that way is beyond me at this point… It’s like walking in a damn hospital coughing and spreading germs left and right (just an example) to clarify my point… You can’t heal in the church … You can only get sicker … If ya think otherwise ya sadly mistaken


      • Princess says:

        Like the old ppl used to say when you are sick don’t go to funerals


      • Keisha says:

        HE nor anyother human being can heal anybody, but Jesus can. Cracked open your Bible, you’ll find it in there. Whether or not you agree with Eddie Long doesn’t stop Jesus from being a healer.


      • Rezzie says:

        You have been fooled hun… Fooled … I am a healer … And there are many more… You have been fed a lie my dear


  15. Lexy says:

    Glad that hair is gone and he’s feeling/looking better. That’s all I got.


  16. AppleBottom says:

    Good for him.


  17. CorporateBitch says:

    I have a cousin who’s bisexual. He brings his girls around (& they are all beautiful) and they know he messes with men, they don’t care as long as he don’t mess with any other women. Its nasty, and I can’t understand it.


    • Omar says:

      men marry women who are bisexual. no one bats an eye. thing is, if they are seeing him they should stand firm on him not cheating. that’s point blank. some ppl can handle it, some can’t. but to make it a double standard isn’t fair. there are definitely bi-sexual men out there who are capable for cultivating the same feelings they have for women as men


  18. Omar says:

    Glad this brother is ok. This should humble him. Death is real.


  19. Yvonne says:

    Why don’t pastors lay “healing hands” in the hospital’s? QTNA


  20. SoldierBoy says:

    Booty hunter lives on huh ..ok


  21. BBallen says:

    this niiga


  22. Angelhair says:

    That’s good for him and his family, I honestly thought the next post I was going to read about him was going to be his obituary.


  23. SlickRick says:

    He went to Shawty Lo’s barber and got his beard painted on?


  24. Daisy says:

    Healed From?
    All Praises to whatever almighty you got going on sir, but if you are healed, let the masses know so they too can be healed too. I deplore sheepish BULL SHIT


  25. Val says:

    He looks like a completely different person… Yeah sir… Ima need for you to go home climb yo azz back in the bed and face your own inner (soul) healing…. His frail azz up there … (ego) still trying to claim glory… And it’s obvious your azz is sick … Nerp … Don’t ever try to heal others while you sick… You do more damage … And no good comes from it none… Smh


  26. 2Thick4you says:

    They both look like I won the battle…..but lost the war.


  27. Ashanti says:

    There is NO WAY IN HELL he would put his “healing hands” on me. What he got/had.
    This is pure Blasphemy
    Anoint yourself, God hears our cries louder than anyone else.


  28. Ebony says:

    Ain’t no telling where them hands done been


  29. Lisa says:

    Chile….Eddie chest prolly look like a xylophone right about now…he aint wearing them stockin shirts no mo is he?!


  30. gee says:

    Rumor is he has died!


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