Blackout, Boycott, Protest/Boycott

Today is “BLACKOUT” Monday!!!!


Join the national effort to protest the police injustice in Ferguson, Missouri through our substantial purchasing power.

On September 8th 2014 many men and women of all races of the United States of America will boycott any establishment not ran by black entrepreneurs. On the 8th take a picture of an establishment you would normally frequent; fast food, gas station, supermarket and tag #BoycottForFerguson.

The Ferguson shooting of a young unarmed black man one week away from college who was immediately vilified has affirmed that now is the time to take a more drastic stand. Let’s begin by tapping the pockets of corporate America and creating a louder voice.

It’s time to realize we all bleed red and the senseless racism, prejudice, ignorance and violence must stop; so let’s all come together and do what our nation was meant to do. One Love, One Fight.

62 thoughts on “Today is “BLACKOUT” Monday!!!!”

  1. watch somebody go to wal mart because they forgot to pick up some seasonings or because the meats went on sale. Just watch …country asses


      1. Natasha
        it was very disturbing….I am suprise that I was able to fall asleep after viewing it

        Morning people.


      1. Yall doin this or nah?!
        I am. Whatever I need I got over the weekend. I think this will be good, if everyone participates.


      2. Yall doin this or nah?!
        Well now I am, just found out about this after getting my breakfast from a bodega this morning.


  2. I’m researching black owned businesses in my area tonight. I will patronize them until they give me a reason not to :coffee:


      1. OK…….Do you have any?
        I hear a lot of folk saying the protests are futile, but really what do THOSE FOLK have as an alternative?


      2. I say we come up with real solutions.
        Until there are other solutions, I’m rollin with this one.


  3. The Power of not spending on September 8, Fanstastic…Then BLACKS be at Walmark, Rosses, Marshalless, Macksy, spending double on September 9.

    FOH O_o


  4. working ppl get paid at the end of next week before the holiday and recipients get their stamps the first week of the month and do their bulk/labor day cookouts shopping.

    I will be broke by the 8th. Rent is due on the 1st anyway.


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