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Meet the 6-foot-7 dancer who taught Miley Cyrus how to ‘Twerk’


Since Miley Cyrus’ career has crashed and burned she has Amazon Ashley to thank. In Touch sat down with the 6-foot-7 burlesque dancer for an exclusive interview.

Miley’s graphic dance routine with singer Robin Thicke was heavily criticized by parent groups. The fallout from Miley’s raunchy dance routine resulted in her being dumped by the finest man in Hollywood. And Miley also lost out on a coveted Vogue magazine cover.

“We didn’t think people would be talking about it on CNN,” Ashley tells In Touch in regards to the backlash. The two met when Ashley spotted Miley in the audience of Beacher’s Madhouse, a Hollywood nightclub where Ashley performs, and Miley requested a tutorial on twerking.

“She’s taken it to a whole new level,” Ashley told In Touch. “The student has become the teacher!” Miley was so grateful that she gave Ashley a cameo in her “We Can’t Stop” video, and invited her to dance during Miley’s infamous MTV VMA appearance.

Read more of Ashley’s interview in In Touch magazine on newsstands now.

37 thoughts on “Meet the 6-foot-7 dancer who taught Miley Cyrus how to ‘Twerk’”

    1. Miley ain’t twerking ,.. You need YAMS to twerk 😦 pancakes don’t count
      Miltant Mello said “Yams” 😆 she had no yams 😆 WTF


  1. But the DANCER has what it takes to dance and give the required Visual of twerking.
    I Know she doesn’t look like she’s having an onset of a seizure. Yeah Miley got it wrong!


  2. Miley probably told her “If you can make me look good twerking, I’ll spring for a weekend in Vegas for you and the Jolly Green Giant”


  3. Bending over wiggling side to side is NOT twerking. It ain’t right until you can do it with your back still straight (fuck touching your knees) and making it jiggle up and down. :nonono: you is white girl shakin when you do it like that.


  4. Wow 6’7 dancer… She is a handful….men dream of climbing tall trees like that.
    I even know twerking is old. I remember the tootsie roll with the 69 boyz/Luke.


    1. OK, I let curiosity get the best of me…please go to google and look up ashley amazon popping it for andy milinokis. THAT’S A MAN!


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