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13 Dead in Washington Navy Yard shooting!

He supposedly stole an employee ID to gain access to a Washington Navy Yard in Southwest Washington, DC yesterday and killed thirteen (13) innocent individuals who just woke up and went to work like any other normal Monday morning.

The gunman, later identified as Aaron Alexis allegedly suffered from various psychiatric issues, but was not deemed mentally unfit by the military, which could have stripped him of his security clearance.

Alexis (pictured below), who is the lone gunman behind the Washington Navy Yard massacre had been hearing voices in his head before he snapped and fatally shot a dozen people less than two miles from the U.S. Capitol.


He had been treated since August for a slew of psychiatric problems, including paranoia and a sleep disorder, by Veterans Affairs, the Associated Press reported. But the 34-year-old killer, who was drummed out of the Navy reserves for a “pattern of misbehavior,” was never stripped of his security clearance. That enabled Alexis to get into the fortified facility in southeast Washington with a valid pass and go on a killing spree that ended when he was gunned down by cops.

In addition to his mental health issues, Alexis was described as someone who held a grudge against the Navy, had several encounters with law enforcement and struggled to control fits of rage.

Why Alexis went on a killing spree remained a mystery Tuesday, although officials indicated terrorism was an unlikely cause.

46 thoughts on “13 Dead in Washington Navy Yard shooting!”

    1. I thought people that suffer from mental illness were not allowed to have guns.
      Right! That’s why I’m sayin the media is bullchit. He may have been mentally ill, but the government will say and do anything to cover up the fact that their facilities are not secure like they are supposed to be.


    2. I thought people that suffer from mental illness were not allowed to have guns.
      If you are blind and live in Iowa you can have a gun


    3. I thought people that suffer from mental illness were not allowed to have guns.
      Shoot if the blind are eligible to carry and SHOOT guns why not the mentally ill?


    4. I thought people that suffer from mental illness were not allowed to have guns.

      one problem is that its way too easy to get labeled/diagnosed with some bullshyt. ie. ADD or ADHD or Autism
      and doubly so if you are black and/or poor
      ppl out here collecting checks and aint shyt really wrong with them might want to reconsider. next thing you know all of “them” have guns and all of us dont.


    5. I thought people that suffer from mental illness were not allowed to have guns.

      That’s what they are pushing for but the damn NRA chile…….


  1. Soooo… how was he even allowed to own a gun if he’s being treated for mental issues??
    Y’all know this is the perfect platform for gun control.. smh.. they are going to play on this so much.
    But how did he get the other person’s ID? were they being treated at the same place too? So many questions unanswered.


  2. Im curious what the ex girlfriend has to say, Im sure the media will find her, but will she release information is the question. I know the motive. These cats not able to deal with the pressure, yes its hard out here for a pimp….but this is where family and friends need to step up. Maybe dude didnt have any friends.


  3. Keyword: secure! These days anybody can gain access to wherever they wanna be without question. And sometimes with a visible weapon in hand. People trying to stay alive.


  4. My biggest fear is that people will become desensitized to mass killings like this, as well as the attacks against blacks by police and others who want to randomly play superhero.
    Schizophrenia is running rampant, and is highly undiagnosed. Folks are flying waaay under the radar with this mental illness.


  5. NOBODY dies randomly on this earth. Everyones death is attached to something spiritually, whether it be good or evil.


  6. Conspiracy theorists are already saying THIS dude was a victim and the REAL shooter got away … WTF…

    AMERIKKA is real the Obama love affair is OVER the black man will revert to being the “boogey man” again … ELECTIONS are a coming

    RIP to the people who lost their lives in this SENSELESS COWARDLY ACT


  7. This is why we need gun reform. Why does a schizophrenic have a right to carry a gun plus he had a known obsession with another shooter :smack:


  8. I don’t know about this dude but I do know where I work , DOD, these guys come straight from the war and they give em jobs here. Then one day something sets them off, flash back, and they snap. Then we in a shelter in place status until homeland security can come restrain and secure the area. I’ve seen it happen to many times.


    1. When will American start to pay attention to the mental health issue in this country..?

      Danny, this country is the cause of some of the mental health issues


    2. The country, the regions, the states, the counties, the townships.
      ALL OF THIS ^^^^
      Too much pressure on ANY body will make them nut up.
      Pop go the weasel and the weasel go POP.


  9. Waiting for the gun nuts usual solution of having more armed people…
    I guess the Navy Yard goin need more armed guards too as a “solution.”


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