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Magic Johnson and President Obama Working Together to Create Jobs?


President Barack Obama has supposedly invited NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson to the White House to brainstorm about creating jobs. President Obama must be desperate because why not invite CEO’s or experts who know a thing or two about jobs creation.

The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, which is now disbanded, didn’t get the job done. So why not invite a sports star who is the face of a multimillion dollar corporation run by silent partners?

Johnson, 54, couldn’t contain his excitement when he took to his Twitter account to boast about his biggest achievement — no, not his 5 NBA championship rings; and not the birth of his son. Something bigger.

Magic Johnson and President Obama

“Working side by side with the President on getting America back working is bigger and better than the 5 NBA Championships I won!”

Owning a couple of theaters and a couple of teams does not make Magic Johnson an expert on job creation.

Good luck with that Mr. President!

39 thoughts on “Magic Johnson and President Obama Working Together to Create Jobs?”

  1. Some years ago Magic opened a bunch of Starbucks in my area that employed a lot of underprivileged teens and college students who were able to receive tuition assistant for college so in that regards i can’t knock it.


  2. Beyond that i have no comment except for i may need Magic to reimburse me for the therapy i need after seeing one to many pics of his son EJ.

    Hey y’all 😆


      1. GOOD AFTERNOON Y’ALL !! :kiss: :kiss: HAPPY FRIDAY!!!
        Um Magic, has opened a lot of businesses and have hired inner city children and put a lot people to work so whatthaproblemiz?


      2. I met Magic once, he was very nice and humble.
        Hey Everybody :hi: @Brown, I WISH I COULD MEET HIM


      3. Pamela
        Kayla and Olivijah!!!!! Did I miss anyone 😆 Hello all!!!


      4. Afternoon Fam:
        Steve Harvey is doing a seminar for young boys in Detroit, MI.
        If you know anyone there raising boys, get the info for them—google his radio show and Detroit, and send them the info!


      5. Oh and Felicia, I think Tracy’s birthday is sometime this month she tells no one 😆 but we still manage to find out.


  3. Actually I saw a documentary and read about ole Magic, dude is very inspiring indeed 🙂 I have a lot of respect for him and I can’t argue there about Obama being smart, hell check his record 😆 and US President is one of the most powerful positions ever.


  4. I can see and :applause: the thinking out of the box by our POTUS. Conventional methods of creating jobs is not working in all sectors so it’s time to use some unconventional methods in these unconventional times. If it wasn’t for the President’s stimulas plan I would have never had the opportunity to go back to school. I took full advantage of the opportunity finished my AA and get my Business degree next year.


  5. Magic Johnson has created many jobs through his many business ventures such as Starbucks and Movie Theatres. Perhaps Pres. Obama invited him to address the needs of individuals below the poverty line and lower middle class.


  6. But what would bringing the politicians in do to help. They made all the promises and never followed thru so why not bring in the one person that we know looks out for his community.


  7. I think its smart too. To get someone who actually is committed to the community. Most politicians live outside the community and is very out of touch. I think bringing him in makes good sense.


    1. Uh, Magic, your son EJ is still crying out for your attention.

      EJ has now stepped into the bottomless pit 😦 ain’t no coming back from that :shrugs:


  8. Seems like most everything Magic has touched in the business sector has been successful and he actually brings business to the Black community. Kudos to Magic 🙂


  9. The real reason jobs aren’t being created is because the powers that be shipped all the manufacturing jobs overseas. There should be options and careers that would allow a person to take care of their family without going to college and accumulating mountains of debt.


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