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Do you remember the book “Side Piece Chronicles?”

Side Piece Chronicles_1The novel written by the talented Joi Miner

Miner was a guest on “Conversations Of A Sistah” back in November/2015., wherein the rules were introduced in side piece relationships. Well I was able to go beyond the title and into her story and sultry tale of adultery, deception, betrayal, sex, threesome sex and more sex.

My mind was so blown away while reading the torrid details of each and every sexual encounter, from one character to the other; it left me shaking my head and shocked by the details. The book is so stifling, it’ll leave you praying that the stories aren’t real, for the sake of deception and sex not running that deep and ever so grimy; amongst those in relationships and love triangles.

There are several scenarios to keep up with and many characters to follow but if sex, deception and mistrust is your cocktail of tales, then “Side Piece Chronicles” will be an exciting read for you!!

Now tell me how many of my readers and followers ordered this book? Miner is about to release the sequel, so let’s prepare ourselves for part 2 of where we left off from the beginning.

Good food

Since Some Of My Readers Just Need To Know!

Some of you are anxious to know where I’ve been dining on my down time, like any good blogger I’m compelled to tell.

I had dinner recently at Travinia’s Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar. The food was exceptional and the service impeccable.

The menu variety was huge however I opted for the Orzo spinach salad with shrimp (close to what’s shown above). The ambiance was comfortable and romantic, with it’s soft music and candle lit dinner tables. The scene was alive, the cost was average and well worth the experience.

Then on yesterday, I dined out at “Cracker Barrel” restaurant, where almost everything on the menu was “Fat, Fat and more Fat!”

It was off the hook on gravies and high in cholesterol count. I felt fat from reading the menu alone. 

Although this restaurant is big on breakfast, I was there with friends for a late lunch/early dinner. 

My choice for a meal was, fried shrimp, mixed vegetables, a mixed green salad and French fries. The food was good but would I eat here again? Probably not.


Ok guys catch you later got eat the breakfast my brother made me. Grits, eggs and cinnamon toast. He can keep the “Jimmy Dean” maple country sausage. Ugh! 

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It’s Women’s History month: What kind of Legacy are you imparting ladies? Tonight on “Conversations of A Sistah”


How are we being influenced in today’s society? Why are some women trying to live out the fantasy’s of characters such as; Olivia Pope and Mary Jane Paul? Why is it that sex sells while morality and virtue are frowned upon?

Why are young women quoting “Drunk in love” by Beyoncé instead or quoting words of empowerment by Maya Angelou? Who and what is influencing your legacy? For that which is premeditated will eventually give birth to your visions.

Join me tonight at 8:00 PM on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via “Conversations Live” as I kick off Women’s History month by discussing legacy’s that will live on and those powerful women who’ve influenced mine.

I’ll see you on the air!