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How come Gov. Christie won’t have a ‘town hall’ in the hood?

Christie town hall

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held his first town hall meeting since he’s faced intense national scrutiny over what Democrats say were politically motivated lane closures on the George Washington Bridge.

The famous governor held his first town hall since the bridge gate scandal in Middletown, New Jersey where 95 percent of his audience were Caucasian.

But my question is this, why won’t Chris Christie hold a town hall meeting in the hoods of Camden county, Newark New Jersey or any other urban areas throughout the state? He always seem to frequent these areas where he won’t be challenged.

Case and point, one woman sitting at the front of the bleachers came with a message for Christie, typed in capital letters on a piece of white computer paper: “Resign Christie.”

Isabel Newson, 48, (pictured below) of Keansburg, NJ said members of Christie’s staff told her twice that if she “didn’t remove the sign,” she’d “have to leave.” Both times, Newson said, she refused, and the staffers took the sign out of her hands.

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While no one at the town hall asked Gov. Christie about the bridge gate scandal, I’m sure they were told what questions would be permissible. In the meantime the Republican governor mostly field questions and dialogue about the state’s recovery from Sandy.

I think Christie knows if he came to the hood he would not only be heckled the way he was in Times Square but the great citizens of the state of New Jersey would not ignore the scandal currently rocking his administration.