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50 Cent Blames ‘Empire’ Ratings Drop on Too Much ‘Gay Stuff’

50 cents regarding Empire

50 Cent thinks he knows why “Empire’s” ratings dipped in its second episode of the season — too much “gay stuff.”

“There are 3 million less viewers who tuned into last weeks Empire episode!!!! did you watch it?” Fiddy said in his Instagram post. “We could not take the extra gay stuff or celebrity stuff last night!!!!”

50 Cent chimed in with his own commentary by urging Taraji P. Henson‘s “Empire” character “Cookie” to call him for help.

“EMPIRES TV RATINGS TOOK A HUGE HIT. Ok I’ll stop now. COOKIE CALL ME BABY. I’ll tell every body to watch the show for you. LOL,” he wrote.

“Empire” attracted a massive 16 million viewers during its premiere last week. But the ratings dipped on Wednesday nights viewing to 13.7 million viewers. While those are still huge numbers, 50 Cent has a long-running spat with “Empire” and jumped at the chance to gloat.

The rapper, who in the past has accused the Fox series of copying the promotional campaign of his Starz drama “Power,” mocked the Fox series last week on Instagram after it took a dig at him in its Season 2 premiere.

The rapper is being petty no doubt because his hit series “Power” does not compare to “Empire”.


‘The Game’s’ Season Premiere Last Night., was Garbage!

The highly anticipated season 5 of BET’s scripted series The Game premiered last night, and the reactions to the show were mixed but in my opinion, last night’s show was garbage!

The Game’s director Bille Woodruff decided to take the show in a slightly different direction from the past 4 seasons. For starters, the show was lost without the wit and dead-on comedic timing of the sexy Brittany Daniels (Kelly Pitts).

Director Woodruff decided to water down the intensely independent Tasha Mack (played by Wendy Raquel Robinson, above right), and give her more emotions and feelings. And just to make sure we understood that Tasha Mack’s character has grown (and is no longer funny), Kanye West’s anemic single “Lost In The World” played annoyingly in the background of her scenes (Oh it was so annoying).

The newest addition to the cast, Brandy Norwood, left, added absolutely nothing to the show as bartender Chardonnay. Her faux hood character was extra, annoying, over-the-top and the scenes with her and Coby Bell (Jason Pitts) dragged to a crawl.

I wasn’t impressed with last night’s show but let’s see if it’ll get better.


“Ratings For 2.5 Men Were High-But The Season Premier”


“Two And A Half Men” destroyed ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in ratings but because of the show’s new leading man, Ashton Kutcher, who spent most of last night’s season premiere naked, proves that apparently sex sells.

Kutcher was hired after CBS fired Charlie Sheen after last season (and to think we assumed it was all a publicity stunt to boost ratings).

I did like the cameo appearances of John Stamos and Dharma (Jenna Elfman) & Greg (Thomas Gibsonas), I love that show. 

In last night’s season premiere, which drew  a record 27.7 million viewers, we learn that womanizer Charlie married his stalker neighbor, Rose. But just one day after his new wife found out Charlie cheated on her, he met an untimely death when he fell off a train platform and under an oncoming train.

I’m not being negative but I don’t think the new show without Sheen will last, so I’ll continue to watch the old shows including Sheen that’s in syndication.

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“It’s Official: Charlie Sheen’s Character Dies Off The Show”

Charlie Sheen’s character (Charlie Harper) will officially die off the scene in the season premier of “Two and a Half Men”.

According to TMZ, the producers wrote a brilliant script that kills the character off and made sure there is absolutely no way, the actor could and/or would return to the show in the future.

Sheen’s character has sort of been replaced by new comer, Ashton Kutcher.

Back in February when Sheen went on a brutal rant of public insults against the producer of the show, Chuck Lorre, CBS cancelled the show for the season and later confirmed they would not renew Sheen’s billion dollar contract. Sheen then set out on his meaningless “still winning” campaign against CBS producers.

Last season’s finale ended with Charlie flying to Paris to be with his crazy neighbor Rose, the new season will kick-off on September 19 with Charlie’s funeral and Rose speaking and telling everyone how he died.

Do you think Charlie Sheen’s still winning?


“Ladies Please…, Don’t Ever Ask A Man To Marry You!”

I don’t care how different and unique you may think it is, in the grand scheme of things allow that man to pursue and conquer you!

On last night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop” Chrissy Lampkin pulled out a diamond-studded engagement ring and proposed to her boyfriend Jim Jones in front of hundreds of surprised party guests. I was so disappointed to see this obviously attractive girl lower her standards in such desperation.

Ladies a man has to know what he wants because that’s who God chose to be the HEAD not the tail! Chrissy’s behavior and aggressiveness displays her being the head of the relationship not Jim Jones, and this is wrong on so many levels.

This girl poured her heart out, tears and all; in front of her party guest, while Jones just sat there and basked in the glory of the proposal. This Jim Jones don’t even look like, let alone act like he’s nearly ready for such a committment. But Chrissy got her rope and she’s ready to reel him in.

So tell me Ceo Family, what’s your take on this? Should Chrissy have proposed to Jim Jones?