How Did you Give Thanks?

Ms_Mamie_HouseThanksgiving is a time for family and friends, yet some people still don’t understand this concept. The family structure is not as solid and strong as it us to be, this is why some family members choose to be scattered and unappreciative in a time of giving thanks.

Children no longer make their way to their parents or grandparents home for thanksgiving. Long gone are the days of “over the mountains and through the woods to grandmothers house we go”. Some people don’t understand that “family is not only important but the backbone of our being“. Some of us don’t get that memo until it’s too late.

I “thank God” that my girlfriends family still and always embrace the concept of “family first’ and the importance of family dinners and Thanksgiving gatherings year after year. My conscious was even called into question as she reminded me of how we’d meet at her mom’s house every Sunday after church, break bread and shared meals.


My girlfriend further reminded me, of the many Sundays I planted my feet firmly under her mother’s table for the macaroni and cheese, cornbread, yams and array of other soul food favorites. She said “yeah Tracy you could be blogging about Sunday dinners here, instead of all these restaurants you be going to every week”. I was so strongly convicted because she was RIGHT!! Her mom is known for preparing a meal at the drop of a hat and can fry fish like It’s nobody’s business.

This “friend of mine” was inherited because our families are friends and the love is genuine and this is where I spent my thanksgiving. Thankful and reminded that “their home is where my heart is and will always be” no matter how far I rome on this journey called life, because it is in their atmosphere of family, where I will always experience love, warmth, respect and positivity…and for that I’m thankful and grateful.

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Women living their parents legacy…Tonight on Conversations Of A Sistah


It’s Women’s History month and we’re celebrating woman who were taught to have a strong family structure, a love of people, a zest for life, strong work ethics and a thrive to succeed.

Born the eldest of two daughters, she was born and reared into a family destined to succeed. Her developing years as a youngster revolved around her family’s restaurant business. With strong values and solid principles, her mother was the strength and the force that helped her father build a family friendly establishment to this day.

Due to her religious upbringing and her parents strong faith, she and her sister were taught to “Be the best you can be every day and to do the right thing; then you will do good in life and you will find good”.

Join me tonight at 8:00 PM. on “Conversations of A Sistah” via “Conversations Live” for my special guest RoseMarie Ranuro (pictured above) as we discuss the legacy of her father’s famous eatery “Biggie’s Restaurant” raw bar and tavern.


RoseMarie’s vivacious personality and contagious attitude energizes her to connect with people and find the good in everyone. Along with Biggie’s signature dishes and a family friendly atmosphere, they never disappoint.  

Although Biggie’s success has swelled to five (5) locations; Carlstadt, Ramsey and Hoboken; just to name a few. RoseMarie’s career in nursing coupled with the management of all five (5) sites cane be a challenge but it gives her the opportunity to offer an energy that adds to the businesses continued success.

So don’t forget to tune in to hear what keeps my special guest “Happy as a clam”

We’ll see you on the air.