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Will you boycott tonight’s State of the Union address? That’s Tomorrow’s Conversation….

On “Conversation Of A Sistah!

Many are outraged over President Trumps comments regarding immigration and his recent remarks about Haiti and African nations. They feel disrespected and downright insulted, so one conclusion is they’ve chosen to turn off his state of the union address tonight. Some democrats choose not to attend because of the President’s racist rhetoric and blatant disregard for people of color. This is their way of saying “enough is enough!!”

Some people don’t care to hear what this president has to say because he further adds insult to injury with his ignorant remarks and egregious policies.

Will you tune in? Either way, it’s tomorrow’s conversation piece on Conversations Of A Sistah And I will be taking your calls in the studio at 1-917-889-7872. Just press ‘1‘ for the host Que.

All “conversation links” in this post will give you online access to the show.

Hope to see you on the air!

Justice Ruth Ginsberg, President Obama, State of the union

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fell asleep on Obama’s SOTU Address



President Barack Obama gave his annual State of the Union address last night. I didn’t watch it because it cut into my show time of “The Haves And The Have Nots”. Anyway, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had trouble keeping her head up and her eyes open as Obama bragged on about his accomplishments as president.

Obama, who signed an executive order for equal pay for women in 2014, called on Congress to support equal pay for women across the board. But while women stood and applauded Obama’s stance on equal pay and raising minimum wages, many Republicans remained seated. Republicans believe there is still much work to be done if women are to be paid equally as men for the same work.

Obama’s address must’ve been extremely boring if Justice Ginsberg fell asleep?

Politics, President Obama, State of the union

Pres. Obama is in the “fuck it” stage of his presidency!


Did you watch President Obama’s state of the union address last night? I was back and forth with it between “the have’s and the have not’s”.

Word was already OUT and all in the media how President Barack Obama said “he was going to start overriding congress on executive orders to get the sagging economy moving”. Obama is tired of being disrespected and tired of talking to these cry baby ass republicans, so now he’s warned them all publicly that; he’s got a pen and telephone and will start moving things along without them.

The president is tired of negotiating and trying to be fair while the republican’s and congress hold the American people hostage because of their own hatred, prejudices and political agenda’s.

Besides, it’s not as if congress listens to the President’s demands he lays out during the State of the Union address anyway. Last year, only two of his requests were fulfilled by the least productive congress in history, pushing Obama to enact more executive orders without congress’ approval.

Enough is enough!

Now his attitude is “fuck it” I’m the president, it’s time to make shit happen on my own!