Lee Daniels Is Over The Top With “Empire”

Gabby_Sidboie_EmpireI think this scene on last weeks episode of “Empire” speaks for itself.

What’s your opinion? I’d like to know…


For Discussion: “Is It Ever Ok Not To Wear A Condom?”

In this dangerous day and age it seems that cheating has only grown more popular and rampant, despite the advances in AIDS research there is now super-gonorrhea and other STD’s to contend with. Most of those concerns seem to go out the window especially when it comes to love and marriage.

So when is it the perfect time if ever, for the condoms to come off in your relationship??? Is marriage the magical moment to take the condoms off? Especially since when you say “I do” marriage is supposed to equal monogamy and committment.

Sound off Ceo Family, a loyal reader wants your opinion. 🙂 I stressed my opinion privately when the question was submitted to me via email.

Have fun and let’s discuss responsibly.


“Man Jailed For Masturbating While Covered in Cow Shit”

This type of perversion is really sick., but a 41-year-old british man was locked up and sentenced to two years in jail for repeatedly breaking onto a farm, covering himself in cow manure – then masturbating.

David Truscott apparently couldn’t help himself because at one point the farm owner took out a restraining order against him. That still didn’t stop him, cops found him on three separate occasions on this man’s farm covered in manure and surrounded by tissues. 

Judge Christopher Elwen dismissed calls for leniency saying Truscott’s “bizarre and perverted activities,” demanded he be jailed.



“Is Teenage Pregnacy An Epidemic?”

Teenage pregnancy has evolved from a shameful situation to a symbol of status in many high schools across the U.S.

In June 2008, allegations that a teenage pregnancy pact existed at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts, which resulted in 17 pregnancies in a school of 1200 students; rocked their town of a large catholic population.

While as of September 2010, there were “75” pregnant teenage girls walking the halls of Passaic High School in Passaic, NJ. far more obvious that, what was once a shunned condition now seems glamorous.

Shows like “Teen moms” and others, that favor a hip Hollywood version of life as a ‘baby mama’ bombard teens with the message that being loved is all that really matters. And for those teens unsure about themselves and their relationships, the desire for some form of unconditional love leads many to think motherhood will satisfy that longing.

However, in Memphis, Tennessee, when Frayser High School put their town in a national spotlight with as many as ‘90‘ students pregnant, the mayors of Memphis and Shelby county were ready to get to work to reverse the statistics.

“I want to make one thing clear — the matter of teenage pregnancy is not something that was invented in Frayser or Boxtown, or Midtown, or any particular part of our city,” the mayor said. “Frayser doesn’t have a patent or trademark on this issue. These are not statistics, these are people and tragically [the] most venerable people.”

Memphis City Schools curriculum now offers 9th graders a family life education course, that has a heavy emphasis on abstinence from sex outside of marriage. The school district is going to be rolling out a new “No Baby” program in hopes to help curtail the large number of teen pregnancies.

The new program presented by Girls Inc., a nonprofit organization that teaches women’s empowerment, will incorporate Facebook and text messaging as a part of the “in your face” efforts to teach the girls “how to say no” to sex. ‘No Baby’ will also push abstinence and will not give out any form of contraceptives.

Now that’s an action plan to believe in.


“Neptune Pastor Admits 3-Some’s in Dirty Sex”

Is he a hypocrite or what?

Not even a WEEK after imposing an ultimatum on his church leaders to delete their Facebook accounts, it has been revealed that Pastor Cedric Miller, of Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune, New Jersey, and his wife have had multiple instances of sex with a church assistant and his wife.

In a court testimony Miller gave in April 2003, he said his wife had an extramarital affair with the church assistant. Miller said he participated in many of the sexual encounters and said the assistant’s wife was sometimes present as well.

Miller said the dalliances — which occurred in his (Millers’ home) — sometimes took place during Thursday night Bible study meetings and Sundays after church. But the minister said the encounters “came to a crashing halt” when several women in the church accused the assistant of having sex with them too.

Pastor Miller had no idea that when he sparked media debate and attention with his message, inquiring minds and critics alike, were surely going to check his profile for all of the dirty little skeletons in his closet. 

Maybe next time, he should make sure he is the, “he without sin” before he cast his first stone.

Thanks to Ceo Blog reader “SlickRick” for ensuring an update to this story.