Trump Blasted Alec For SNL Parody and Alec Clapped Back!!!

trump_baldwinAs usual Donald Trump took to twitter to blast Alec Baldwin for his latest and/or recent portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live.

This is hardly the first time the president elect has taken issue with the show’s portrayal of him. But, this was the first time that Alec Baldwin, who plays Trump with hilarious and somewhat stunning accuracy, personally fired back at Trump.

Trump started with complaining about “equal time” by tweeting the following:

The equal time rule which Trump speaks of, is part of the 1934 Communications Act that requires radio and broadcast television stations to treat legally qualified political candidates equally when it comes to selling or giving away air time. Of course, the equal time rule only applies during a campaign and, in case Trump hadn’t noticed, the election is over.

On Sunday Alec Baldwin clapped back at Trump and blasted him for being petty and focusing on the wrong things by tweeting this reply:

Baldwin’s reply were long overdue but classically on point!!

Trump has a whole four years to go and he better get use to the media dragging him through the mud good or bad, it comes with the title and the role. As a leader you have to have thick skin and an open minded personality in order to survive.