NBA Finals 2014

Miami Lost! …So will LeBron James Opt Out?

lebron-james-lost-tearsWith the 2014 NBA Finals over, one lingering question remains for LeBron James and the Miami Heat: will LeBron opt out of his contract at the end of this month or will he keep his talents in South beach?

LeBron’s failure to capture his 3rd NBA championship ring will probably weigh heavily on his decision.

The season ended Sunday night for LeBron James, three wins short of a three-peat — and it didn’t even seem that the best player on the planet came that close. He didn’t win the title, he didn’t match Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan with three straight championships, because in the end he got even less help from his Miami Heat teammates than he used to get when he was trying to do it all by himself with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Miami lost last night to the San Antonio Spurs, in game 5 of the NBA finals.

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Let me tell y’all why… “D. Wade” is OFF his game!!!


Because his mistress (Not Gabrielle Union – some other trick I mean chick) is allegedly having his baby!

Sources say that Dwyane Wade has slipped up and got his side chick knocked up. Apparently this news has not only affected D. Wade’s castle but also his skills, which is why he’s been falling short during the past couple of games in the playoffs. Sources also reveal that Gabrielle Union is fully aware of what’s going on, which might explain her behavior in Vegas… She had a lot of “Instagram Straight Flexin’” moments.

The details of who is walking around with a fertilized D. Wade seed have not been revealed. Obviously neither D. Wade nor Gabby is excited about the situation and would love to “opt out” but…unfortunately, it’s not up to them.

Is this why the Miami Heat are down 3 games to 2 in the NBA finals against the San Antonio Spurs? Only time will tell, while the truth prevail.