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It’s “NEVER OK” for a Man (married or single) To Have a Side Chick

beyonce-lemonade-hbo-compressedI woke up to a flood of email messages this morning from blog readers and show listeners wondering what my thoughts and opinions were regarding Beyoncé’s new music “Lemonade”.

And based upon what I’m being schooled on is, Beyonce pouring out her frustration and bitterness in a collection of songs laced with lyrics of infidelity and deceit.

The gist of all the buzz is, Beyoncé’s husband of six years, rap mogul Jay Z cheated on her when she makes reference to Jay Z‘s mistress “Becky” in her song Sorry,” which ends with the line, “he better call Becky with the good hair.” Also referencing his mistress being a white woman.

The woman identified as Jay’s mistress is a fashion designer by the name of Rachel Roy. Roy is believed to be the catalyst behind Solange‘s (Beyoncé’s sister), infamous elevator assault on Jay Z in 2014. Surveillance video inside the elevator captured Solange wildly punching and kicking Jay Z as Beyonce stood by and watched with detached amusement.

My thoughts are #1, I can’t believe ‘good hair’ amongst women is still being referenced in 2016, along with the notion that women have to compete with white women for a man, their man or any man for that fact.

#2, That women are so damn desperate for a man, that they would actually think or accept it being ok for him to be with you and a side chick? What the fuck is wrong with women today? If he can’t  commit to you, kick his disloyal ass to the curb. Point, blank period!!

A male associate of mine said to me this morning, “Beyoncé is a strong woman to stay with Jay Z” Really? This has absolutely nothing to do with her strength but the message she’s sending to young woman regarding their self-worth. If you know he’s cheating and got a side chick, it’s not love it’s stupidity.

There you have it, my  2 cents and opinion on the matter..

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How Women shape history… in Love & Relationships, Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”



As we continue to commemorate and honor women during this month long celebration, we take a look at every aspect of a women’s contribution to history. For women contribute much in their professions and expertise even if they are experts in love and relationships.

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Author Valerie J. Lewis Coleman (pictured above), knows the difference of how men and women communicate, their war on words and the games they play which can expand into a great divide.

Valerie gives awesome and proven advice on the following:

  1. Three things that lead women to make terrible relationship decisions.
  2. Every man’s private marriage checklist
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Valerie has assisted others with building strong relationships and has overcome her own personal struggles, so tune in tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via as I speak with this best selling author on her relationship advice and the twenty years of experience she has with family and relationships.

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