“Evelyn Lozado Claims She’s Not Returning To BBW”

Do you care? I know I don’t!!!

According to a loyal “CEO” reader who follows BBW Wives star Evelyn Lozada closely on Twitter.com, Evelyn finally snapped after figuring out she doesn’t have a life.

Evelyn Lozada, Basketball Wives Miami’s resident and uber-bitch, left a series of cryptic Tweets informing her fans that she was deleting her Twitter account and would not be back for another season of Basketball Wives…


“In Last Night’s Season Finale Of Basketball Wives”

Jennifer Williams admits, she threw the first drink on her husband Eric but insists that does not excuse his reaction…

Here’s my take on last night’s finale family so let me recap: I don’t like Jennifer, it has become extremely clear that she’s a follower and not a leader who sets her own trends. Jennifer’s divorce party was not only unnecessary but tongue kissing a gay man’s friend in public was totally tacky and juvenile!

Suzie is annoying because she’s the mediator and playback recorder in all of her conversations.

And Evelyn and Chad will never make it down the aisle because once again, their FAKE relationship is just made for reality television.

Stay tuned next week, as Meeka (Tami’s arch-nemesis resurfaces for the reunion. 🙂


“Oh The Drama On VH1’s Basketball Wives”

If you saw last night’s episode, you KNOW it was drama filled!!!!

In last night’s episode of VH1′s scripted series BBQ Wives, it was a real mess when the ladies’ trip to Italy exploded as Tami’s feud with Meeka reaches its’ boiling point. This is the episode that spawned Meeka’s frivolous civil lawsuit against Tami Roman. Last night was also the taping of the BBQ Wives Reunion show.

I like Tami alot but she is setting a horrible example for her teenage daughters.


“Evelyn And Jennifer’s Blow-Up on BasketBall Wive’s”

If you saw VH1’s Basketball wives the other night, you know that Evelyn and Jennifer had a fallout because of Jennifer’s words in an interview regarding Chad Ochocinco (Evelyn’s fake fiance).

Evelyn received the audio from the radio interview Jennifer did in Ohio where she called Chad an “Attention Whore” and questioned why Evelyn would want to go “down that road again” after already being involved in a bad situation with another athlete.

The whole situation was blown way out of proportion in my opinion and Why Evelyn waited until they were all in Rome to address this mess only added to the drama as usual.

Evelyn said she was most hurt, not about what Jennifer said but that SHE said it.

My question is, what’s your opinion? I’d like to hear it.