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Protest Erupt Coast to Coast….So How was Trump Elected?

gettyimages-622089650_custom-89d75c84fe4cddae76c551bc506018e8e3841701-s800-c85Thousands of protesters took the streets of twenty U.S. cities across the country to express their disdain and denouncing the win for President Elect Donald Trump.

From New York to California, Chicago to Washington, protestors took to the streets and stayed steady in New York outside of Trump Tower marching to Union station. Standing on street signs and climbing utility poles.

Authorities said at least 6,000 people were marching through the streets, setting fires and chanting “Not my president” “Fuck Trump, he’s not my president” and “We Reject the president elect”

From Boston, MA to Seattle, Washington protestors are taking their anger and frustrations of the outcome of this election to the streets.

gettyimages-622088202_custom-181e0f65c3f5e91cdaf09ff1e6118f66453ac021-s800-c85Trump hasn’t even been sworn into office yet and already thousands of non-supporters are angry and frustrated with the majority who voted Trump into office. So the question is, how was Trump elected? Did voter suppression play a role in this election?

In his post-election victory speech, Trump said that he would be the president for all Americans, and that it was “time to come together as one united people.” This will be a challenge especially since he ran his campaign on a platform of turmoil, hatred, bigotry and sexism.

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Black Church Burned in the Name of Trump

lead_960Hopewell Baptist church in Greenville, Mississippi was set on fire on Tuesday night and spray painted with the words “Vote Trump” on the side of it. No one was in the church at the time of the fire, and no one was injured.

Mayor of Mississippi Errick Simmons, said in an interview “This fire was “a direct assault on people’s right to free worship,” he said, and later added during a press conference, “I see this as an attack on the black church and the black community.”

This is a tense time in American politics. The burning of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church is a sign of how bad things have gotten, and what may be still to come. “What we have to do is come together,” Simmons said. “The only thing that conquers hate is love.”

Black churches have long been burned in acts of intimidation and hatred; in the Jim Crow South, members of hate groups would leave flaming crosses on churchyard lawns. The bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, came at a time of extreme racial division in the United States; it was that crime, which killed four young black girls, that led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Former Congressman Joe Walsh Threatens Obama With ‘War’

joe-walsh-550x392Former Congressman Joe Walsh reacted to early reports of cops killed in Dallas with a tweet threatening President Obama and Black Lives Matter.

In the now-deleted tweet, Walsh wrote: “This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you.”

In other tweets, Walsh called BLM a “hate group” and he called on Americans to stand up to “Cop haters – from Obama to the thugs on the street.”

Television personality Montel Williams was quick to lash out at Walsh on


5 officers, including a transit officer, were confirmed dead. 7 others were wounded in last night’s shootings.

3 suspects are in custody. A 4th suspect died when a police robot detonated a bomb near him.

President Obama, speaking at a NATO meeting in Warsaw, Poland, described the terrorist attack as a “vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement.”.

Obama added: “There is no possible justification for these kinds of attacks or any violence against law enforcement.”


Donald Trump to Pay Legal Fees for Man Who Punched Black Protester

trump-mcgraw-550x172Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump continues his divisive and dangerous campaign rhetoric.

On Sunday’s NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Trump reiterated his promise to pay the legal fees of a man who punched a black protester in the face at a rally in N.C.

Trump was speaking at a rally in Fayetteville, N.C. when 78-year-old John McGraw is clearly seen or caught on camera punching protester Rakeem Jones who was being escorted out of the Crown Coliseum, in the face.

McGraw was later charged with assault and battery after video of the incident surfaced on the news and online.

Chuck Todd asked Trump about an earlier statement in which the Republican presidential candidate promised to pay the legal fees of anyone who punched out protesters at an earlier rally.

After stating he does not condone violence, Trump said he wanted to see more about the incident involving McGraw.

“I want to see,” Trump said. “The man got carried away, he was 78 years old, he obviously loves his country, and maybe he doesn’t like seeing what’s happening to the country.”

Trump said he didn’t rule out paying McGraw’s legal fees.

Well, I’m going to look at it,” he told Todd. “I’ve actually instructed my people to look into it, yes.”

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“No Indictment in Eric Gardner case”


Yesterday a Staten Island grand jury decided “NOT” to indict police office Daniel Pantaeleo in the choke hold death of Eric Garner. What is shocking to most, is that we all saw the same video and witnessed Garner dying on a sidewalk right before our very eyes.

This New York grand jury’s decision comes just 2 weeks off the heels of another grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO. This sends a clear message to people of color everywhere that police officers are not indicted for taking the lives of black men and young black boys in this country.

Protestors quickly took to the streets of New York blocking traffic in Times Square, Union Square, Battery Park, Henry Hudson Parkway, while lying down in Grand Central Station just in time for rush hour commuters.  


The scenarios are all to familiar and somewhat the same however, let’s take a look at the high profile police shootings in this country to date. These are just some injustices, as I’m sure there are many we are not aware of:

  1. John Crawford in Beavercreek, Ohio killed in a Walmart because he was holding a fake gun.
  2. Tamir Rice a 12 year old who was fatally shot by a rookie police officer Tim Loehman playing with a fake gun in a park.
  3. Sean Bell shot and killed on November 26, 2006 leaving his bachelor party at a Queens bar in New York.
  4. Amadou Diallo shot and killed in a hail of 19 of 41 bullets outside his Bronx apartment on February 4, 1999.
  5. Trayvon Martin, 17 year old, shot, killed and pursued by a Florida neighborhood watchman on February 26, 2012 because he was judged as a “young thug” because he was wearing a hoodie.
  6. Oscar Grant III, shot and killed by a BART police officer in Oakland, CA on New Years Eve 2009.
  7. Michael Brown shot and killed August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, MO by police officer Darren Wilson.
  8. Eric Garner, the 43 year old, Staten Island father of 6, died in an illegal choke-hold.

This list is sad but alarming, for we will never have peace when justice is DENIED.