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Beyonce Sung National Anthem At Obama 2nd Term Inauguration – OR did she?

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No she didn’t!!!!

The cat was snatched out of the bag today and Beyoncé’s secret was leaked out, that she lip synced the national anthem at President Obama’s 2nd term inauguration yesterday; either way I wasn’t impressed.

The singer songwriter and producer Beyoncé, doesn’t have the vocals to carry such a powerful song as the National Anthem; which is why I knew she was the WRONG choice to deliver for the event.

Beyoncé is more or less, a burlesque singer/entertainer who can entertain and hold a note but gone are the days of real talents such as Whitney Houston with the exception of Jennifer Hudson of course.

I sat there baffled as the crowd went crazy as if, Beyoncé had delivered a rousing rendition of the popular anthem, when her performance was sub par to say the least. 

a U.S. Marine Band spokeswoman said today.

The band wasn’t playing when Beyoncé performed her rousing rendition of the national anthem at President Obama’s second inauguration.

“We all know Beyoncé can sing,” Master Sgt. of the U.S. Marine Band Kristin DuBois told ABC News today. “We all know the Marine Corps Band can play. We do not know why she decided to go with the pre-recorded music at the last-minute.”

DuBois later added that, to her knowledge, Beyoncé was not singing. It was Beyoncé’s voice, but a pre-recorded version heard by about a million people in Washington and millions more on television.

A representative for Beyoncé did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

DuBois also added, all other performances such as Kelly Clarkson’s rendition of “My country tis of thee” was live. The band was asked not to play for only the national anthem, DuBois added.

Beyoncé knew she couldn’t carry that song and lip synced “IT” to be on the safe side. The “Love on top” singer might be able to hold/carry a note but her vocals can’t carry that national anthem.

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