They can March till the cows come home, Trump will still be…

20inauguralbriefing3-superjumboSworn in on Friday January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC as the 45th president of these United States of America.

With cameras filming his every move, even his airplane, Mr. Trump arrived in Washington a day before he is sworn in, appearing at a luncheon with supporters at the Trump International Hotel, where he praised the collective I.Q. of his cabinet members.

The president-elect and vice president-elect laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery, then it was on to the Lincoln Memorial for the concert that opens the Inaugural festivities.

In the meantime, 63 groups and organizations are registered with permits to march on Washington tomorrow.

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Immigrants, Racism and Pandemonium!! Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

cwyumnbveaaui_aDonald Trump’s election as US President is showing signs of and producing an outpouring of race and hate in America, which mirrors and reflect the language he’s spoken in the past 18 months.

Trump supporters are expressing their hatred in live time, twitter and on social media outlets, telling immigrants they think are illegals to “pack your bags” and “get the fuck out.”

And because Donald Trump has failed to denounce the Ku Klux Klan in late February, he claims to be “the least racist person you have ever met,” and “not having a racist bone in his body.” Despite his denouncement he’s given us alot of reason to believe otherwise. Especially since he’s won the praise of this country’s strongest white supremacist.

Since the Trump win, hate crimes, harassment and killings have been at an all-time high. Immigrants across the country and throughout different states, are scared to death of being targeted or deported.

This in the wake of an Ohio State University student who carried out a knife attack on campus Monday who said in a Facebook post how he was “sick and tired” of seeing fellow Muslims “killed and tortured,” according to federal law enforcement officials.

Americans fear the actions of this one man, who’s been elected to the highest office in the land. And since his win as the next US president, there’s been nothing but hatred, race relation matters and pandemonium.

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Trump Blasted Alec For SNL Parody and Alec Clapped Back!!!

trump_baldwinAs usual Donald Trump took to twitter to blast Alec Baldwin for his latest and/or recent portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live.

This is hardly the first time the president elect has taken issue with the show’s portrayal of him. But, this was the first time that Alec Baldwin, who plays Trump with hilarious and somewhat stunning accuracy, personally fired back at Trump.

Trump started with complaining about “equal time” by tweeting the following:

The equal time rule which Trump speaks of, is part of the 1934 Communications Act that requires radio and broadcast television stations to treat legally qualified political candidates equally when it comes to selling or giving away air time. Of course, the equal time rule only applies during a campaign and, in case Trump hadn’t noticed, the election is over.

On Sunday Alec Baldwin clapped back at Trump and blasted him for being petty and focusing on the wrong things by tweeting this reply:

Baldwin’s reply were long overdue but classically on point!!

Trump has a whole four years to go and he better get use to the media dragging him through the mud good or bad, it comes with the title and the role. As a leader you have to have thick skin and an open minded personality in order to survive.

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Awkward moment sworn enemies Obama and President-elect Trump pose together in the Oval Office during first EVER meeting

article-3922932-3a3e5e3e00000578-580_964x526President Barack Obama welcomed his successor, Donald J. Trump, to the White House this morning extending an olive branch to a man he has blasted as unfit to serve.

Trump and the first lady in waiting, Melania Trump, departed from LaGuardia airport in New York at 9.36 a.m. on their way to Washington, DC, this morning on his personal aircraft, a Boeing 757, emblazoned with his name.

They arrived at Ronald Reagan National Airport just after 10.30 a.m. The future first couple entered the building via a back entrance through the South Lawn that is inaccessible to media. Today’s meeting lasted an hour and half.

President Elect Donald J. Trump sat looking poised, humble and in a state of shock as President Obama detailed their meeting in briefing the media. Trump admitted that he will need to call on President Obama for advisement and shared how the meeting could’ve lasted longer.

Trump described sitting President, Barack Obama as a ‘very good’ man when it was finished as a pack of reporters hurled questions, when President Obama said “No questions will be asked at this time”.