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Did Y’all know Bill Clinton had a Biracial “Love Child?”

danney-williams-bill-clinton-550x323Danney Williams, 21 (pictured here with Bill), appeared on the Alex Jones show, where he repeated his claim that Clinton is his biological father.

Williams lived a hardscrabble life with his mother and siblings in Little Rock, Arkansas. His mother was a prostitute who, Williams alleges, did drugs with a young Bill Clinton.

Eventually, Williams went to live with his aunt when his mother got strung out on drugs and lost custody of him and his siblings.

Williams said Clinton sent Christmas gifts and paid money “under the table” to his mother. He said the gifts stopped when Clinton was elected president.

He recalled a time when his aunt tried to visit Clinton at the Governor’s mansion, but the door was slammed in their faces.

“I’m sure Hillary kept me away,” said Williams.

He said no DNA test was ever taken to confirm paternity, despite reports that a secret DNA test was negative.


“Halle Said: God’s Got It All Wrong!!!”

“Nature has got it all wrong: When you are younger, it should be harder to get pregnant, and as you get older you get it should be easier. When you are so ready, you can’t do it to save your life. And when you are 21, you are so not ready, but you are ripe as could be. The eggs should become more developed the older you get, not die slowly from the day you’re born. That’s one thing God got wrong.”

Go head Halle! I like that!!  – Still don’t want to have children though. 🙂

But who’s to say its God who has it wrong? Maybe its man or the so-called scientists and experts who try to come up with something new every year. Then you have women in their late 40’s., 50’s and 60’s still having healthy babies.

He said, “God that is” “I’ll take the foolish things of this world to confound the wise”... LOL!!!!

The actress covers the next issue of Vogue magazine and admits, that her daughter’s father (Gabriel Aubrey), was not a love connection but the perfect man to father her child. 

Mm interesting…You can read Halle Berry’s full interview here!