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So….Not ‘One’ was Indicted For Sandra Bland’s Jailhouse Death?


Sandra Bland was pulled over on July 10 by a Texas state trooper for making an improper lane change. Dashcam video showed their interaction which quickly became confrontational and she was arrested for assault. Y’all know the story!

Bland was taken in handcuffs to the county jail in nearby Hempstead, about 50 miles northwest of Houston, and remained there when she couldn’t raise $500 for bail.

She was discovered dead in her jail cell three days later, hanging from a cell partition with a plastic garbage bag used as a ligature around her neck.

Like the family’s attorney Cannon Lambert said on Monday, “the grand jury’s decision is consistent with what the family believes has so far been an attempt by authorities to cover up the events which took place after Bland’s arrest”.

The consistency of their decision is also unwavering with the open murders of black men and women at the hands of authorities during slavery and the civil rights era, only then they hung us from trees.

In today’s systematic society of justification for killing men and women of color, they’re hanging us from jail cells and killing us in the street behind a badge, their authority and the guise of self-defense and fear. 

Until there is Justice, there will never be any peace!