Manhattan Couple Jump off office building, woman left note that said, “Our kids are upstairs, please take care of them”

A 53-year-old chiropractor and his wife jumped to their deaths from a midtown office building after typing double suicide notes complaining about their financial woes.

The NY Daily News reports that the couple jumped from the ninth floor of his office, which had recently been permanently closed.

The couple landed in the street near the sidewalk in front of the 14-story office building at Madison Avenue and East 33 St. around 5:45 a.m., police said.

A note found inside a Ziploc bag in the woman’s pocket read: “Our kids are upstairs, please take care of them.”

The Ziploc bag also contained a letter from the chiropractor along with their ID cards.
The man’s letter read: “WE HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE,” before touching on their spiraling debt.

The note continued: “Patricia and I had everything in life” but “we can not live with” the “financial reality,” sources said.

A double suicide is unusual even for New York City and I when I saw the headline I thought it was “fake news”.

“It’s awfully scary and sad,” said Cortney Jekielek, 36, who deejays at 305 Fitness gym down the block. “We had to cancel classes but so what? This is terrible,” she said.
The couple lived in downtown Manhattan.


Bill de Blasio elected mayor of New York City


He’s the first democratic mayor in New York city after a twenty year republican reign.

He has the perfect platform, the perfect voice and a beautiful biracial family in these ever-changing tough economic times.

Bill de Blasio was joined by his family onstage to deliver a victory speech at  the Park Slope Armory YMCA after winning the New York City mayoral election last night. de Blasio proclaimed his landslide victory a mandate for his liberal agenda  and a change in course after two decades of Republican rule at City Hall.

People are tired and fed up and they want change as de Blasio held a commanding lead of 74% to 24% — the largest margin of victory  by a non-incumbent in any mayor’s race in city history.

The first lady of New York is an African-American woman.

Washington has Michelle Obama and New York has Chirlane McCray.

Nearly seven out of 10 voters said the city needed to move in a new direction  from Bloomberg’s policies, according to the survey conducted by Edison Research.  And among those wanting change, de Blasio triumphed, capturing 85% of their  votes.

At 52, de Blasio is one of the youngest men elected mayor of New York. And as such, he also represents a generational break from Bloomberg, a 71-year-old  billionaire Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent who had charted his own unique course for the city.

Bloomberg’s reign is over, there’s a new mayor in town and his name is Bill!