Detroit, Human rights issue, Racial tension, Racially motivated

Could You Live without water? The Residents of Detroit are!


More than 2,000 Detroit residents took to the streets last week to protest the “discriminatory” water shut offs in their city.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund complained that the water shut offs were “racially motivated,” and that the city was targeting “the most vulnerable citizens” while ignoring major corporations who are millions of dollars delinquent on their water bills.

In the meantime, the water department showed favoritism to corporations while targeting poor blacks who can’t flush their toilets, take showers or have the use of water as a bare necessity. Instead the folks who are being cut off are almost one hundred percent African-American.

This is not only a human rights issue but a disgrace that this is happening in what is supposed to be one of the richest countries in the world.