What she said

If They’re Afraid to Talk Finances, DON’T MARRY THEM!!!

This is the biggest mistake couples make, not talking finances before moving the relationships to the next level. When he and/or she want to avoid such discussions, nine times out of ten it’s because they are not skilled in this area of life. And if they are not willing to be taught and learn, “then move on Martha move on“.

I had a friend and money was always a sore subject between she and her now ex-husband. She’d draft a budget, send him the spreadsheet with specific instruction on “not to spend money” because the account was down to $100 dollars and homeboy would have their account overdrawn by the end of the week. It was utterly exhausting for her and her financial health was tied to this aggravation.

After her divorce, she had to rebuild herself financially and resolved to never be with another man who lacked money management skills. And although she’s in a healthy relationship now, both emotionally and financially, she’s still paying off legal bills pending from her divorce.

Being in love can be a beautiful thing but when it comes down to the reality of a life together, watch how your partner spends money, saves money and handles money. If he or she is a financial disaster, weak and drowning, take heed to the red flag warnings before saying “I do”. It will hurt you in the end to have your financial stability destroyed for the lack of communication in this area of your relationship.