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Conversations Of A Sistah return tonight with this topic: “When people won’t admit, how they can’t commit”


It might be a New Year but people are dealing with the same issues and one is commitment or the lack thereof.

Why do men and women marry only to have another someone on the side? Do their relationship excitements expire and they look for a zest outside of their marriages in addition to their perspective spouses? Why do men and women marry then cheat?

And I know this is not in all situations but in some cases it’s a grim reality. If you cheat during your courtship you’re likely to cheat in your marriage. Women are just as susceptible to this type of behavior as men. It’s as if, some people have a sickness and an inability to commit.

So is it true, that men want their bride plus someone else on the side? And that some women prefer their groom and another man in the room? What is this sickness and inability to be fully committed in a relationship or marriage?

“When people won’t admit, how they can’t commit”… I’m exploring this topic and discussing this issue tonight as “Conversations Of A Sistah” return on “Conversations Live” at 8:00 P.M. I will also be taking your phone calls and entertaining your opinions at 1 (347) 426-3645 use option “1′ to speak with the host!

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