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Michael Dunn gets LIFE in Prison!


Michael Dunn (pictured above) was sentenced to life in prison (without parole), after being convicted of first-degree murder for fatally shooting Jordan Davis outside a Jacksonville convenience store.

Dunn tried to stand behind the “Stand your ground” law but the life sentence imposed by Circuit Judge Russell Healey was mandatory for the 47-year-old cold-blooded killer, since prosecutors decided not to seek the death penalty.

“Mr. Dunn, your life is effectively over,” Healey said. “What is sad … is that this case exemplifies that our society seems to have lost its way.”

Evidence showed that Dunn, of Satellite Beach, fired the shots during a heated argument over the volume of music coming from the SUV carrying Davis and three other teenagers. Dunn was convicted of three counts of second-degree murder in his first trial because he continued to fire into the Dodge Durango as the driver tried to flee. Healey on Friday sentenced him to a minimum of 60 years in prison for those charges, to be served consecutively with the life sentence.

Supporters of Jordan Davis and his family filled rows of the courtroom, and many broke into tears, sometimes sobs, as his parents and other family members told Healey how devastating his death had been.

Davis’ mother, Lucia McBath said she always taught her son to love and to forgive.

“Therefore, I too must be willing to forgive and so I choose to forgive you Mr. Dunn for taking my son’s life,” McBath said in court.

Jordan Davis’ father, Ronald Davis, spoke tearfully of holding his son when he was born, then kissing his body one last time at the hospital the night of his death.

“I gave him his first kiss when he came into this world and I could never have imagined giving him his last kiss,” Davis said. “Our family has lost the biggest and the brightest smile of all of us.”