Chaz Bono Is Saving Money To Buy A Penis

Lawd have mercy, just when I think I’ve heard it all……According to published reports, Chaz Bono (pictured), formerly known as Chastity Bono (insert picture), the daughter of pop singer Cher and the late Sonny Bono, is saving money to buy a new penis. Why? Because she doesn’t have one, she was born with a vagina. And until then, I guess she is still considered a female in the eyes of many because her female productive organs are still intact.

Bono started her gender-reassignment process by surgically removing her healthy breasts and taking male hormones to grow facial hair. But until now, Bono hesitated about taking that final step — purchasing a working penis.

“Bono is pretty sure that within a short while, he will finally be able to afford to get himself a penis,” says a new Rolling Stone profile.

Because of cash flow problems, Bono will seek to have the surgery performed in a foreign country where the procedure is cheaper.

“There’s different ways to do the surgery, from real basic to more and more options,” he said. “It’s like a car. The doctor I want to use is in Belgrade. It’s going to be a little cheaper there. Probably $25,000, maybe $45,000, I really don’t know.”

Bono refuses to lean on Cher for a cash advance toward the penis, because Cher has helped Chaz out financially, and because it’s apparent that Chaz has no intentions of ever getting a job.

Still, Chaz says “Being self-supporting is important to me.”

Chaz’s ex-fiancee, Jennifer Elia, who is a lesbian (both pictured below), walked out on their 12-year relationship after Chaz decided to purchase the penis to fulfill the fantasy of being a man.

Chaz considers herself a man, meaning she is no longer a lesbian in her eyes. And therefore, Jennifer could no longer be a lesbian in her eyes either.

Chaz said Jennifer wished “I wouldn’t get the bottom done, but she understood my need to.”


“Chaz Bono Is As Proud As a Pumpkin”

This picture is for those confused lesbians who prefer transgenders like Chaz Bono. You would be surprised to know how many women are into chicks who mutilate their bodies. I read a comment on another blog from a Chaz fan who actually wrote, “I don’t see any scars on Chaz’s body.”

As you all know, Chaz made its debut this week on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars”. Judges gave Chaz and dance partner Lacey Schwimmer a 17 out of 30 for their stiff cha cha routine.