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Would you wear this Garbage by Kanye West?


Rap artist Kanye West debuted his flesh color body wear last week at fashion week. And the line is simply a mess in my opinion! Kanye should stick strictly to the art of music because I think he knows NOTHING about fashion.

Yet Kanye is receiving an abundance of praise from editors, authorities in fashion and influencers. His collection made its way down the runway on the first day of New York Fashion Week, comprising of full body stockings, see-through skin-colored crop tops and visible nude pants. It’s certainly a new take on underwear as outerwear – one certainly not for the faint hearted.

Kim Kardashian certainly looked a hot mess (pictured below) as she wore her husbands creation ensemble to his show last week. She liked the look so much, she even posted an Instagram photo of herself, adding: ‘My look for the Yeezy show!!!!!! Yeezy head to toe!!!!!’


The camo parka that Kim Kardashian also wore was a highlight, and we thought the oversized backpack was a clever accessory that’ll probably make it into a healthy stack of editorials.’ 

Kanye claims that he wanted his collection to be made up of ‘solutions based clothing,’ saying, ‘I don’t want the clothes to be the life, I want the clothes to help the life.’ 

It is also thought that it will have a relatively low price point compared to other designer clothes meaning the pieces can be snapped up by his fans. 

I have one question, will you be trying Kanye’s nude body suit it out?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Finally Cover Vogue


Kim Kartrashian was dying to get her non-relevant ass on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour was adamant that the socialite and reality television whore would NEVER grace the cover of Vogue magazine. But Kim’s baby daddy Kanye West and Anna are good friends, so apparently Kanye paid Ann off or wore Ann down until she finally gave in and put both Kim and Kanye on the cover of the April issue of Vogue.

While the soon-to-be-married couple appeared deeply in love, the Internet is not deeply in love with their appearance on the cover of the iconic magazine.

The backlash first caught fire Friday when CBS’ “The Crazy Ones” star Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted: “Well……I guess I’m canceling my Vogue subscription. Who is with me???”

Apparently many readers were just as displeased as Gellar with the choice, as evidenced across social media. The Vogue official Facebook page racked up 747 comments at the time of this posting — the majority of which are critical of the editor’s decision to feature Kardashian and West on the cover.

Kanye sent Ann a thousand roses on Valentine’s day last month, I guess his ass kissing gesture paid off for him in the end.