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Gay film ‘Moonlight’ tops Gotham awards

movie-550x405The movie Moonlight is about a young black boy named Chiron who grows up in a rough part of Miami and finally accepts his homosexuality after longing for a boyhood pal.

Moonlight stars Mahershala Ali, Janelle Monáe and Naomie Harries as Paula, Chiron’s crackhead single mom.

Chiron (played by 3 actors from childhood to adult) is bullied unmercifully by neighborhood thugs, mostly for his small stature and his effeminate nature.

Mahershala Ali plays Juan, the sympathetic neighborhood drug dealer who acts as a father figure to Chiron and teaches the boy to swim.

Monáe plays Juan’s empathetic girlfriend Teresa, who provides Chiron with a safe home away from home.

The following is a quote from a Wikipedia review:

“The only other person Chiron seems to find comfort and companionship in is his best friend Kevin (Jaden Piner), and their sexuality begins to bud when they stay after a dancing class during school to show their genitals to each other.”

Moonlight didn’t do well at the box office for obvious reasons (it grossed $8 million since opening day in October).


Down Low, Homosexuality, On homosexuality

“Claiming to be “Straight” But Living In The Closet”…

This is a term used for contemporary homosexuals who hide their identities by living in the closet. This is why revealing one’s homosexuality is referred to as a “coming out”.

Gay men and women have difficulties acknowledging their homosexuality, either to themselves or to others due to their psychological complex. This is why a lot of gay people conceal important aspects of themselves such as their love life or a significant other. It’s like living the good lie.

Closet individuals cannot reveal to themselves, let alone to others their homoerotic feelings, attraction or fantasies. This is why these individuals continue to remain in the closet. They never marry or openly date because their hidden desires are only expressed behind closed doors. Their homosexuality is so unacceptable that it must be kept out of conscious awareness and cannot be integrated into their public persona. Consequently, these feelings must be dissociated from the self and hidden from others.

I have more respect for men who are openly gay and conservative, then those tall, dark, handsome, big bulky men who are closet homosexuals and allude their truth. And while a homosexual or lesbian lifestyle might be popular and unshocking in today’s society, some chose to live quietly gay to protect their professional images and lifestyle.

This may all be fine for some but don’t claim to be straight, when you’re really GAY and living in the closet.

Side note: The picture in this post does not relate to its topic, it was chosen ramdomly to fit the subject at hand.


Chaz Bono Is Saving Money To Buy A Penis

Lawd have mercy, just when I think I’ve heard it all……According to published reports, Chaz Bono (pictured), formerly known as Chastity Bono (insert picture), the daughter of pop singer Cher and the late Sonny Bono, is saving money to buy a new penis. Why? Because she doesn’t have one, she was born with a vagina. And until then, I guess she is still considered a female in the eyes of many because her female productive organs are still intact.

Bono started her gender-reassignment process by surgically removing her healthy breasts and taking male hormones to grow facial hair. But until now, Bono hesitated about taking that final step — purchasing a working penis.

“Bono is pretty sure that within a short while, he will finally be able to afford to get himself a penis,” says a new Rolling Stone profile.

Because of cash flow problems, Bono will seek to have the surgery performed in a foreign country where the procedure is cheaper.

“There’s different ways to do the surgery, from real basic to more and more options,” he said. “It’s like a car. The doctor I want to use is in Belgrade. It’s going to be a little cheaper there. Probably $25,000, maybe $45,000, I really don’t know.”

Bono refuses to lean on Cher for a cash advance toward the penis, because Cher has helped Chaz out financially, and because it’s apparent that Chaz has no intentions of ever getting a job.

Still, Chaz says “Being self-supporting is important to me.”

Chaz’s ex-fiancee, Jennifer Elia, who is a lesbian (both pictured below), walked out on their 12-year relationship after Chaz decided to purchase the penis to fulfill the fantasy of being a man.

Chaz considers herself a man, meaning she is no longer a lesbian in her eyes. And therefore, Jennifer could no longer be a lesbian in her eyes either.

Chaz said Jennifer wished “I wouldn’t get the bottom done, but she understood my need to.”


Former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky Arrested Again!

Jerry Sandusky was arrested and jailed Wednesday on new child sex abuse charges brought on by two new accusers, including one who said Sandusky molested him numerous times in his basement bedroom. This is an extremely SICK man!

The ninth accuser, currently 18, was 11 or 12 when he first met Sandusky in 2004. Sandusky took him to Penn State football games and gave him gifts and money, and later sexually assaulted him during overnight stays in a basement bedroom in Sandusky’s home, the grand jury said.

Sandusky forced the boy to perform oral sex and attempted on at least 16 occasions to anally penetrate him, sometimes successfully.

The victim also testified that on at least one occasion he screamed for help, knowing that Sandusky’s wife was upstairs, but no one ever came to help him.

Damn a trial people, I say authorities should just kill this sick ass pedophile now!!!! They should arrest his wife as well because she knew he was sick and stood idly by and remained married to him, knowing he was raping little boys.

I tried to avoid this story because the details are so vile, repulsive and disgusting. This man has tarnished and ruined the lives of 10 young boys. How many more will come forward?

In the meantime, Sandusky’s (The Second Mile charity for at-risk children) that he founded in 1977 for underprivileged children to cover up his reasoning for meeting and raping his victims, said in a statement that it has lost significant financial support and that some employees will be laid off over the next several months. Who cares? The organization should close down period, the community should in fact, burn that shit to the ground!!!

Sandusky is being held on a $1 million dollar bond and if he post bail, he will have to submit to electronic monitoring and house arrest, have no contact with victims and/or witnesses and have no unsupervised contact with minors.


“The Secret (SEX) Life Of A Middle Aged Married Man”

This article is not only shocking but down right disgusting! A union is between a man and a woman, a husband a wife; for two are to unite not three. The third person in a marriage should be God, not another woman or another man. But in this article, this married man is in love with a man.

I’m a 57-year-old man. Fat. Bald. I have a wife I like. And a boyfriend I love. I’ve been “happily” married for over 37 years. Yet I’ve been leading a secret double life since I turned 50. In the age of Lady Gaga and her mainstream kink videos, a married man in love and having sex with another man is one of the final taboos. I used to think that myself. Nobody talks about it. There aren’t books or movies about it. It’s the ultimate closet.

What I’ve learned in these past few years is that men, even married men, can fall in love with men. A “bromance” can naturally involve touching and it’s completely normal. This is what men have been doing since the start of time, and what men are made to do.

I’m not going to feel bad about who I am — I did that for long enough. In the immortal words of Popeye, “I yam what I yam.” In the mortal words of Lady Gaga, “I was born this way.”

I will say it and say it again, YOU ARE NOT BORN GAY!!!! THAT’S A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL PEOPLE!!!! God is God and He is all-knowing… and God knew his intent in making woman for man, point-blank-period!

My boyfriend knows about my wife. She doesn’t know about him. Yes, it’s a problem that I’m married. It’s sad. I care for my wife and I don’t want to hurt her, which is one of the reasons why I’ve kept it secret for so long. I’m not putting her at physical risk, but the emotional risk is very real. I’m truly sorry about that.

So to hell with his wife, so what if she dies from aids or catch an STD, it’s about living a double life of fulfilling and satisfying a selfish need. Wow!

You’re not the same person at 50 you were at 20 (if you are you haven’t grown). So we are different people, stuck in the same institution.

I had been “curious” as a teenager and had one encounter with a friend. It wasn’t a good experience, I didn’t like it, so I convinced myself I never needed to do it again. Then I spent almost 30 years being faithful (the last 10 of those being celibate).

But if you’re curious, or at least not totally afraid of the idea of being with another man, those feelings never go away. Never. There are online support groups for married men who are curious, and that’s a constant. Once you have that urge, you always have that urge.

Sex is completely natural and normal for every creature on this planet — even sex among males. Sex feels good for a reason, and that reason isn’t solely so that we’ll procreate within the bounds of a marriage.

Sex is normal. Sex is natural. Sex is good.

Love is even better.

Even so, I wasn’t looking for love, I was looking for real male-bonding, friendship, a physical connection, and acceptance.

Once I was absolutely clear about that, I put a very specific ad on Craigslist and met another man looking for the same thing. I’ll go into details about this handsome, sweet, smart, funny, creative, kind, beautiful man soon.

Neither of us planned on falling in love. It wasn’t a decision or choice, it was a spiritual connection on the very deepest level. And for the first time in my life, it’s a complete love, spiritual, emotional and physical — and it’s completely honest, with no lies or omissions.

Love is a beautiful thing. And while I know that our love will hurt my wife, I also know it’s right. I know it with all my heart. And then maybe she can find real love, too.

If he was so in love with this man, he would tell his wife and set them both free; but instead he chooses to stay on the downlow in order to live an outward appearance of normality. I could respect him more if he was openly gay but he’s having the best of both his worlds with his double lifestyle.