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Celebrity Seed: Tiger Woods Daughter Indeed a Black Girl

Former Golf legend Tiger Woods was spotted with his 10-year-old daughter Sam Alexis Woods. Tiger and Sam were spotted on a father-daughter outing while vacationing in Miami, Florida on Saturday.

Woods has been spotted out with his children on several occasions since his humiliating arrest for driving while under the influence near his Jupiter Island mansion in May. He entered a drug rehab facility for about a week. He continued the treatment program on an outpatient basis.

Tiger is pictured below with Sam as a toddler in 2009.

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The KKK is Alive & they meet, behind closed doors…They still wear sheets!


Fruitland Park, Florida is 50 miles northwest of Orlando with a community of less than 5,000 residents and has been recently rocked with news that their policemen are a part of the Klan. An investigative report linked two city officers with the secret hate society that was once violently active in the area.

George Hunnewell, was fired, and deputy chief David Borst (pictured below) resigned from the 13-member Fruitland Park Police Department recently. James Elkins, a third officer resigned in 2010 after his Klan ties became public.


Fruitland Park, has been dealing with alleged KKK ties and other problems in the police ranks since 2010, when Elkins resigned after his estranged wife made his membership public.

As recently as the 1960s, many in law enforcement in the South were members of the KKK. Is it exceedingly unusual these days to find a police officer who are secretly Klansman? Sounds unrealistic and far-fetched but its shockingly a grim reality.


My cousin (who is in law enforcement in Florida) recently shared what has since been confirmed through a PoliticsNation investigative report, that Klansmen still exist on police forces throughout the south. They’re not only policemen wearing badges but they’re judges, lawyers and secretly hate behind the laws in the counties and states which they govern.

Membership in the Klan is secret. Like many fraternal organizations, the Klan has signs which members can use to recognize one another. A member may use the acronym AYAK (Are you a Klansman?) in conversation to surreptitiously identify himself to another potential member. The response AKIA (A Klansman I am) completes the greeting.


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Former ‘teacher gets 38 YEARS in prison’ for having sex with a boy, 12, during tutoring sessions in her home

Anderson wept in court as she claimed that she was not a threat to society and was not a predator - but her victim's mother and the judge disagreed

This Ethel Anderson (pictured crying) is a nasty heifer! And was found guilty of having sex with a 12-year-old student she had been tutoring and has been sentenced to 38 years in prison.

Judge Chet Tharpe told Anderson in court that she manipulated the boy’s parents into believing he was safe with her while she was actually grooming the child for sex. Anderson was charged with nine counts of molesting a student after it was discovered that she was having sex with a boy who was 12-years-old at the time.

Anderson had denied the charges but her victim, now 14, took the stand in September to testify that the alleged abuse  started four or five weeks into their tutoring sessions when she would kiss him and perform oral sex on him in her home.

He told the court: ‘I felt like she was a girlfriend, I loved her and she said that I was her boyfriend and she loved me. ‘She would rub on my legs, kiss on my ears, neck and stuff like that… We would tongue kiss.’

The boy also told the court that he did not want to lose his virginity to a teacher and would tell her to stop, but she persisted because she ‘wanted him so bad’, ABC reports.

Then to further support the boys claims,  230 pages of racy text messages were revealed, when Anderson claimed they were just sexual therapy sessions that she was using on the ‘troubled student’ to motivate him.

The former ‘teacher of the year’, from Riverside, Florida, who has a six-year-old child, told the judge today she is not a sexual predator and not a risk to society according to Fox.

But the boy’s mother showed no signs of forgiveness.

‘Anger and hatred don’t even begin to explain how I feel about what you took from my son,’ the boy’s mother said in a statement read at the sentencing by prosecutors.

‘His innocence is lost forever.’