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What You need to know about family…Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


There’s the whole family, that one family, the extended family, the immediate family, the close-knit family and those who make up the family; either way we all have one or we all have some. My extended families have always been close, depending on whose side of the family you’re talking about.

My father’s side of the family was always peace makers, while my mother’s side was all hell takers. Meaning, they’d take you to hell by the way you would be provoked into responding to them. Some of them are loud, wild and bodacious, while my father’s side of the family, were always quiet, easy going and mellow. When my father’s family get together you can expect laughter, a good time and cheers, while from my mother’s side, discord, whispers and tears. My brother would always say, at one of their barbecue’s you don’t know whether to pack a pistol or bring the punch.

Well this weekend, I’ll have the esteemed pleasure of hosting our family reunion here in the great state of New Jersey, where we have relatives traveling from near and far. And despite the frustrations and challenges of bringing everyone together, there’s something I have learned about family.

Joined me tonight at 8:00 PM on “Conversations Of A SistahviaConversations Liveas I talk about family… A topic for which we all can relate….And if there is anything you’d like to share about your family, I’ll be taking your phone calls at 1-347-426-3645.

See you on the air!!!