What she said

The ‘Real Person’ vs. The Fantasy, How to Spot them.

Fake people excel at pretending, usually because they want it to be hard for you to figure them out. You can look for the signs of fakeness, but it often takes knowing someone for several months at least to see them in action and to see just how fake they really are. If you’re like most people, you are fairly straightforward and don’t have a secret agenda. But fake people do and that’s because they’re image conscious, and their goal is to look like they are all things to all people at all times!!!

Fake people are usually anxious, insecure, competitive, jealous and miserable individuals. They are threatened very easily, and are usually total control freaks. After all, think how hard they have to work to keep up that fake front. Their world could be falling apart but their fake front is their fantasy.

The main sign of a fake person is someone who never shows what they really feel, they try to hide when they’re upset or angry. Fake people hate real emotions because real emotions get in the way of the dimensional facade they work so hard to project. So for them they have no emotion. Deep down, these people are more insecure than you would ever believe.

In short, fake people are immature to the point that you can’t have a deep and consistent friendship or romantic relationship with them. Someone fake is most interested in being liked and adored by everyone, so they will never be too committed to you. Someone fake needs to be loved and paid attention to by everyone, not just one person. So they pretend they are loners, to appear to be mysterious, when in all actuality it’s attention they seek. Fake men and women frequently lead others to believe that they are romantically interested, and it usually takes weeks or months of broken plans or false promises before you see their reality. It’s all a fantasy.

Ladies and gentlemen, the goal is to find someone who has moral principles they live by, and real principles that are solid and constant. Fake people don’t live out their words or promises, why? because they’re FAKE!!!

Proceed with caution, ladies and gentlemen!